Twitter Updates for 2010-01-22

  • @TechCoach GO SANDRA in reply to TechCoach #
  • @TechCoach x in reply to TechCoach #
  • Sending you all kisses and love this afternoon, its springlike in my garden and therefore in my heart #
  • @johnsw I challenge you next year to keep it up to date monthly and deliver it to accountant within 30 days of year end. Jan = nightmare in reply to johnsw #
  • Breakfast meeting today with two wonderful young restaurateurs. My vision for them = the next Chris Corbin & Jeremy King. There's our goal. #
  • If you have your own small business and could have your Entrepreneurial Wealth Coach on tap, what would you want – daily/weekly/monthly etc? #
  • Millionaire Success Secrets for Women at special Australia Day price, under audio at Sandy's website now Only USD88 wow #
  • @Fab_after_Fifty Yes, I did. Lots of scary bits to it, not least the T-shirts & the movements, but vocally fine and good teacher. Will join in reply to Fab_after_Fifty #
  • @Fab_after_Fifty Oh cool! Makes me feel better already! Will tell my niece who will be relieved about T-shirts also in reply to Fab_after_Fifty #
  • @Fab_after_Fifty me neither, that's why we are rebel entrepreneurs, right? in reply to Fab_after_Fifty #
  • #followfriday my new Twitterpal @fab_after_fifty who introduced me this week to the Rock Choir, thanks Ceri, & agreed to be on my radio show #
  • Discover the 7 Essentials for Guilt Free Living for Business Mothers: #
  • Join me LIVE at 9 a.m. GMT on my Today's Entrepreneur with Ann Watson show on #BlogTalkRadio at #
  • Grateful for my breakfast, especially that someone else has made it. #
  • Grateful that today is another lovely founders' day for @CreationTeam. Wonder who will be our tither today and what we will manifest? #
  • @planetwikaniko I think it was Posh Spice who was famously said to have neither read nor written her own book! Unlike me as M clarified in reply to planetwikaniko #
  • Grateful to Pavarotti quote for reminding me its devotion to my clients which gets me up every day not discipline tho happy 2 have that too #
  • RT @markshaw: I know Skype conks out every now & then, & sometimes the line is awful, but, it has saved me a fortune. Big high five to Skype #
  • @markshaw same in reply to markshaw #
  • I am listening to the Todays Entrepreneur with Ann Watson show by Judith Morgan on #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Listen to Today's Entrepreneur with Ann Watson on Judith Morgan anytime on BlogTalkRadio. #BlogTalkRadio #

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