Twitter Updates for 2010-01-27

  • @marywaring me too Mary! in reply to marywaring #
  • Flexibility coming as one of the top reasons Entrepreneurs choose to work for themselves. #
  • Tonight: Wayne Dyer's latest movie or Gary Vaynerchuk's latest book? What would you do? I LOVE Wayne & I'm new to Gary. #
  • Tip 1 from Sunday Papers: Sienna moves back in with Jude / puts flat on the market. Sienna, doll, don't sell, this isn't relationship advice #
  • Tip 2 from Sunday Papers: Lily Allen puts her ipod, Blackberry & laptop in a box – starts having real relationships with mum & boyf instead #
  • Watching Wayne Dyer DVD called Shift (US) Ambition to Meaning (UK). Fabulous. Remembering why Wayne is my No 1 personal development guru #
  • Was in car today for the first time since @achrisevans started his new breakfast show. I enjoyed it lots, but was already big fan. #
  • grateful tonight for my Money gym business partners, Nicola & Steve. @themoneygym #
  • Entrepreneurs: What do most want for /from your business in 2010? More what? Less what? What? #
  • I need a snippet or original or royalty-free music for my Entrepreneurs radio show, any ideas? #

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