Twitter Updates for 2010-01-28

  • Thanks to the 8 Twitter people who kindly sent an answer to my royalty free music Q. You know who you are #
  • Pete's been and put up my pictures in the garden office. And moved my vision board to my bedroom. I can gaze at it and dream from comfy bed #
  • Its been an MG day – ezine, webinars, editorial meetings, notes from meeting yesterday, clients' testimonials, web re-writes and accounts #
  • My Inbox is empty – yes, I win tonight. And if I switch off quick, it might stay like that until 0600! #
  • My dinner date with @AboutJenga cancelled but having lunch tomorrow with @StuartDaniel so that will compensate. Up at 6 with @marionryan #
  • Its difficult to tear myself away from laptop tonight. Is it because I's having fun or because I's addicted? Jury's out.. #
  • I LOVE my clients, especially today. #

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