Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • @HeatherBestel And I am a Wood Goat! in reply to HeatherBestel #
  • @HeatherBestel Thank you Heather! in reply to HeatherBestel #
  • Are you in Network Marketing and looking for a fabulous new product? I may have the answer – let me know. #
  • Join me LIVE at 9 GMT: Adventures in Internet Marketing with actor Matt Duggan on #BlogTalkRadio at #
  • I am listening to the Adventures in Internet Marketing with me and Matt Duggan on #BlogTalkRadio #
  • do you have to renew any insurance/ financial product shortly? Would you like to test a completely free new quote service, all done for you? #
  • RT @tweetmeme Listen to the replay of my interview with Judith Morgan | Adventures in Internet Marketing #
  • Looking for a recommendation for a friend's birthday – top London restaurants – any ideas? Chez Bruce fully booked. #
  • @RupertBurr Thanks for the reminder about Boisdale, Rupert. in reply to RupertBurr #
  • @youravailspace Galvin – brilliant idea! Thanks. in reply to youravailspace #
  • Join us LIVE at 9 GMT on our Creation Experiment radio show on #BlogTalkRadio at All about Bianca's tithe today #
  • raining, raining, raining here in Streatham Hill. Are you somewhere sunny? Or Snowy? Or anything less drear? #
  • I am listening to the Creation Experiment radio show at #BlogTalkRadio about Bianca's November tithe to Uganda #
  • RT @GraceMarshall: Getting reinspired, refocused & reenergised reading @judithmorgan's A Business to Love. Free at #
  • Do you have to renew your car or home insurance soon, or any financial policy? Pls test a free new service for me #
  • Felafel for lunch – what are you having? #
  • Are you self-employed or in business? What are your challenges? Marketing? Money? Time Management? Cashflow? Mindset? What? #
  • What would you need to have in your small business to say you are Successfully Self-Employed? More what? #
  • Want to become an Article Marketer? I do so I'm joining Marion Ryan's Bootcamp, only £97 until Friday – quick! #
  • Please RT: Judith Loves Entrepreneurs & she's on a mission to give you £12,000 in 30 days ~ fabulous free prize draw! #
  • £12,000 worth of fabulous prizes & all you have to do is join my Inner Circle for Entrepreneurs. Prize draw 17/3/2010 #
  • @marietaylor Ethical. The diamond or the romance? in reply to marietaylor #
  • So grateful for everyone who joined my Inner Circle for Entrepreneurs today – you stand to win 1 of 45 prizes on 17th March value over £12k #
  • Fabulous £12,000 prizes coaching/mentoring/consulting/games/lunches/profiles & more for ENTREPRENEURS who take action #
  • Do you know any successful Network Marketers? Please refer them to me for an exciting new opportunity & we are in at the very beginning #
  • I am looking for UK consultants who know how to winkle funds out of the government for entrepreneurs, small businesses etc – any referrals? #
  • @wealthcoach Good Luck, Nicola! in reply to wealthcoach #
  • Have just realised have paid Congestion Charge when I didnt need to for meeting at Euston, could have gone round, not through. Doh. #
  • @marywaring Thanks, Mary. Am on the case in reply to marywaring #
  • Article Writing with Marion Ryan of on Judith Morgan will air 02/19. #BlogTalkRadio #
  • I'll be interviewing Marion about her Article Writing Bootcamp on #BlogTalkRadio tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. GMT #
  • Loving you all today – again! #
  • @marywaring Try this? in reply to marywaring #
  • My £12,000 give away for Entrepreneurs – yay! Free prizes of coaching/mentoring/lunches/games etc #
  • @jododds Debbie Winterbourne, Quantum House. in reply to jododds #
  • @ClaireBoyles OMG are YOU In for a weekend!! I do hope you enjoy it. We did it in USA December 2005 – let me know how you get on in reply to ClaireBoyles #
  • @ClaireBoyles Its quite scary. We felt verybrave, hi-fiving and hugging and crying with a lot of americans, plank breaking etc. Jars I liked in reply to ClaireBoyles #
  • @ClaireBoyles he teaches you how to find money everywhere. try to avoid buying things and exhausting yourself. take what you can and enjoy in reply to ClaireBoyles #
  • @ClaireBoyles Yes. Being a Money Magnet. Managing my "jars" – lots of thought-provoking stuff – yes in answer to your Q in reply to ClaireBoyles #
  • Fabulous radio on way home; @ianwallace on R2 then Gershwin's Rhapsody in blue on Classic FM then this 3.5 mins of bliss #
  • Euston Station is a horrible dump long overdue for refurb. Its full of people with heavy suitcases/international luggage and NO ESCALATORS! #
  • Its all very well this virtual working but getting out of the house is what's doing it for me in 2010, oddly #
  • Why aren't Classic FM on Twitter? They are missing a trick there – let me know, guys, if you want some social media marketing help! #
  • @ClaireBoyles dont feel you have to stay to midnight every day. Be confident that you will pick up what you need while you are there, tiring in reply to ClaireBoyles #
  • @ClaireBoyles If they ask you to burn a £20 note, what would you do? in reply to ClaireBoyles #
  • I have had a fabulous day – how about you – on a scale of one to ten? #
  • Just about to spend some time on Skype with the completely glorious, dog-loving @TechCoach sorting out something techie, but what? forgotten #
  • I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it… I'm about to lose control and I think I like it. Actually, I hate losing control, what am I on? #
  • 8 p.m. lease options webinar with Rick Otton and Simon Zutschi – are you going? #
  • @ClaireBoyles tee hee in reply to ClaireBoyles #
  • What's your favourite time management tool? #
  • Terrible Shame! RT @TessaShepperson: Fergus & Judith Wilson: Buy-to-let gurus see empire crumble | This is Money #
  • I'll be talking to Marion Ryan about her Article Writing Bootcamp at 8 a.m. GMT on my show at #BlogTalkRadio #
  • Want more visibility & credibility as a coach, consultant or small business? Join Marion's Article Marketing Bootcamp #
  • Listen to Article Writing with Marion Ryan of OnlineB… on Judith Morgan anytime on BlogTalkRadio. #BlogTalkRadio #
  • WLTM mortgage brokers, IFAs, insurance agents and finance professionals who would like a new residual stream of income from helping people #
  • Did you see Frankie Boyle on Buzzcocks? Why is he so angry? He alternates between very very funny & absolutely no-holds-barred terrifying. #
  • @rachaelblogs Not sure it's worth the trip. I'm a fan of everyone involved esp. C. Firth but left cold by the film. Lemmeknowwhatuthink! in reply to rachaelblogs #
  • @rachaelblogs I was completely unmoved, a rather distant appraiser, left me cold. Worth making? Not sure, would love to hear your view in reply to rachaelblogs #
  • Blimey – quite a film weekend. The Last Station & Crazy Heart open. The Hurt Locker has arrived on DVD and I didnt see Valentine's Day yet. #
  • Just topped by my @Starbucks card online and popping out for one, back soon. #
  • Do you drive round each other's bottoms at junctions? Don't we do that anymore?? Confused of SW2 #
  • @BiancaTait At a 4-way road junction, when we were taught to drive you had to go round each other's bottoms. No one does that any more in reply to BiancaTait #
  • why does it say on my honey jar that honey is not suitablel for infants under 12 months? surely honey is good for everyone? #
  • @jododds good to know, thanks! Another one of life's mysteries solved via Twitter! in reply to jododds #
  • I could be on The Bubble and they wouldnt even need to lock me away for four 4 days! #

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  1. gene says:

    curious how you created the aggregated list of your tweets. word press plug in? twitter 3party service? just pulling the html from your twitter home page?

    I like it a lot

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