Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • In The Pink: The Positivity Suit #
  • Thankyou to @thebookwright for a fabulous day out on the new moon Blockbusting workshop. Dont miss his next one if you want to write. #
  • It's lovely down the Abundance Shed today. Its garden office weather at last. Long may it continue. I love Spring. #
  • @shedworking Yes. Originally the Weasels' Shed, re-named The Abundance Shed in honour of my picture of The Abundance Fountain therein! in reply to shedworking #
  • Who is a member of the Neighbourhood Watch?? #
  • @Moonpoppy You used to hear a lot about it, now you just see the sad little signs on the lamp post with no visible or audible activity, odd. in reply to Moonpoppy #
  • Join me LIVE at 2 GMT today: The Lazy Entrepreneur's Guide to DIY PR with Paula Gardner #BlogTalkRadio at #
  • I am listening to the The Lazy Entrepreneurs Guide to DIY show with Paula Gardner on #BlogTalkRadio #
  • @sileobroin To keep it alive at all costs, to have it on a vision board and to get up every day knowing why you do what you do in reply to sileobroin #

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