Two French Letters

French giftsI don’t get much snail mail any more, I don’t know about you? And so often, when I do, it’s the sort of thing which the sender still feels (despite my protestations) must come by post. Some banks insist on bank statements though I would prefer digital. Credit card statements must still come by post from some lenders apparently. Although I went digital with the utility bills, some of them seem to be making a reappearance into my real world too.

Thus, the post started to become a dread part of my day, compiled as it so often is of bills and sundry ugliness. Bad news.

So I invented this mantra as I walk round to the front of my block of flats to collect my post in all weathers: “The Royal Mail brings only good news to me”.  And look what turned up this week – two French letters!

Or two letters from France should I say.

Monday’s gift from a crocheting artiste was a little fluffy woolly handful of pink hearts and bows which I had admired on Natasha’s website.

And Tuesday’s was a lovely pink badge sent from Ange. It proudly boasts Creator on the front and has been handmade for me.

What are the chances of two crafty and talented women living fairly close by to one another in France who would send me two lovely gifts on two consecutive days? How blessed am I?

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