UK Virtual Finance Director/Small Business SME Accountant in London

Accounting was my first love in my business career. And it will probably be my last, too.

I found a way to look after my clients while delivering a vital service. I did it with efficiency, humour and love. I met many lifelong friends while doing this work, as staff and clients, and I learned so much about how to run an SME profitably which colours the consultancy work I do now.

I am minded to take on a few accounting clients again right now, maybe just one or two or three.  It seems you can take the girl out of accounting, but you cannot take the accountant out of the girl!

I would do everything that needs doing in your finance department and run your business for you from a financial perspective. Imagine your business in my financially expert hands! Imagine what you could be doing instead to grow your team and your business and to become more profitable. That’s part of what I would teach you and support you in doing too, that consultancy comes free with the calculations. It always did and it always will.

Whilst available to attend meetings in London, I would do the work at my home office which is set up specifically for this purpose. I’d use Sage and only Sage to do your accounts. I’d need you to be available to me on Skype on the days when I am doing your sums and I’d need a liaison in your office who could help me with collection and delivery of the records I need to do the job efficiently. I’d create systems which could bring calm to your chaos. A robust financial system, once set up, means it can be run by anyone with the right aptitude.

Does this sound appealing? Or can you think of someone who has a business in dire need of just such a safe pair of hands? Could we work together? Should we be working together?

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