Unblocking Creators And Creatives: My Fabulous Tuesday

I had rather a good day on Tuesday where I got to help three ideal clients on Skype, which is my preferred way.

And here’s another splendid testimonial which flooded in after the call:

“Thanks so much for your help yesterday – went away feeling much more excited and did loads of writing.¬†I bounced away from our call and spent the next several hours excitedly finishing a chapter of my book.”

Now, that may not seem all that much to you but here’s what it says to me.

Firstly, it’s from a bloke who is apt to remind me at least once or twice a year that my websites are a bit pink and rather too feminine for him(!) which I studiously ignore by the way. Feedback, bah humbug.

Secondly, and much more vitally, its from a Creator who values his creativity above almost everything else and unblocking a writer and getting them into flow is perhaps the greatest gift one can bestow on such a person. I know ‘cos I’m one of those too.

I was chuffed to bits especially as effusive is not my client’s middle name, quite the reverse, though I was mentioned in despatches in his first book which is always an honour. And he did say this not only in email but on facebook too, an embarrassment of riches.

I confess it. I am still inordinately proud of my clients when they do well and they let me know that I played even an infinitesimal part in that. It’s the cherry on the cake of work I already love more ‘an my luggage, an expression which must be said in a Deep South accent as it is snitched from Steel Magnolias, the movie.

I’m back at work this September term, I am loving it, I am loving my clients again that feels good.

I was about to go and do the Happy Dance round the garden when I received a tweet from a first-timer yesterday who describes me and my colourful language as “earthy”. Oops! Had to go and re-instate my Strong Language Warning on my website, which seems to have accidentally slipped off during the recent update.

Not perfect yet then. Don’t get too big for yer boots, Judith. Gotta love that slap down by the Big U as I was about to go off on an ego fest. ¬†Despite that, I am left feeling exuberant today.

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