Dare You Let Yourself Trust in Unlimited Flow?

Inner Tube in Swimming PoolDo you love to swim? I love the turquoise water, me. Because my parents lived in Malta in the Sixties when I was just a teeny tiny girl, I was always a little water baby from the get go. I love swimming and learned to trust the water at a very early age; in fact, I never remember not trusting it, it’s a fact in my life and it feels like I was born knowing that. No fear was instilled in me.

Water is a medium in which I have infinite trust. I know that whilst I must respect the it, especially in the sea, I know also that I can simply relax, let go and trust the water to support me if I just lift my feet off the bottom. I am buoyant. It is supportive. We just work together. It’s natural. It’s a law of nature. It’s how it’s supposed to be.

I’ve got my life-saving badge at school (think pyjamas and rubber bricks!) and I’ve even used it to save a boy from drowning in the sea at Weymouth once. I’ve tried to teach those who are scared of the water how to swim and, more particularly, how they can float and simply trust the water to support their bodies. But they don’t believe me. It’s one of those things you can’t believe in until you can, if you see what I mean? Learners don’t trust and don’t believe and so they flail, and struggle, and splash and sink. I wouldn’t try to sell you something that doesn’t work. Floating just works, trust me. But beginners don’t and because they don’t, they sink. Sinking is a self-fulfilling prophesy, they prove themselves right in their lack of trust. Look, I’m sinking!

And so it is with abundance.

If you choose to believe in abundance as your natural state and to trust in unlimited flow, not just when you see it working, it’ll work to look after you, to protect and provide. Just like the water. Unlimited flow isn’t always visible but it is still always there. You have to decide to trust that. 100%.

So, at the moment, we are untrusting. We cannot let ourselves believe that simply by trusting in unlimited abundance and flow that we will float on the top of life and that it will be effortless and easy and that we’ll be held. It requires too much faith. And so we struggle and sink.

This is one of the most powerful conclusions we came to in AbundanceFest this summer and so (typically) I am experimenting with this all day long. I have simply decided to trust in the warm supportive water of abundance, that it will support my not inconsiderable weight and that I can just float.

The more I trust the water, the easier I float. The more I trust in unlimited flow the more abundance I invite into in my life, the more I experience and enjoy, the more abundance I create. It’s a gorgeous virtual circle.

Do you want to give it a go with me? Dare you let yourself trust in unlimited flow?


I’m running another Abundance Group this October 2014. We have room for 4-6 players and one seat is already bagged. It costs £197 (or PWYW) and includes a 1-2-1 Skype consult with me, a Cashflow game here in SW London on Friday 17th October, a Facebook Group for daily immersion in abundance and reminders about our commitment to trust in infinite flow, plus three exploratory group calls so we can experiment and learn to float again together. Group calls will be on Wednesday 15th, 22nd and 29th at 1930-2100.  Contact me if you want to re-learn trust in your natural abundance.

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