Is It Silly or Unrealistic to Think You Can Create a Living Doing What You Love?

All Is Well. You Are Loved.Is it silly or unrealistic to think you can create a living doing what you love?

The first ebook I ever wrote was called Creating a Business to Love. But, of late, my clients are saying they don’t necessarily want to create a business, more that they want to create an income doing what they love. The times they are a-changing. And – frankly – I agree with them. I don’t want to create a business anymore either. I’m sure that’s no accident that I am attracting like minds.

Today I have enjoyed an email correspondence with a client about love in the context of my own business. It went like this:

Her: As I watch how you work and how you LOVE your clients I understand how little I do love what I do. 

Me: Thank you for that. I am going to use your quote in this week’s podcast and probably newsletter and blog. Without attribution. It was valuable to me to be able to read that.

Her: My pleasure and feel free to do with it what you want. Seeing that in you was the most helpful thing for me.

Me: WOW!

Her: It is your gift to the world for sure.

Me: Bless you for saying that. A lot of coaches talk about love and I believe them, but it is good to read that it comes through that I do actually mean it.

Her: I have never personally felt it ever like that, or seen it displayed. Coaches talk about it I think you just are it. And when it comes to money issues we all need a lot of love.

Me: I love you (and I used both her first and second name)

Her: Well I always did say I could see people’s souls. I am thinking of the film Avatar (have you seen it?). There is a part where they say to each other “I see you” and it means so much more. People feel fully seen around you, I think, and loved for that.

Me: I love the thing about “I see you”.

Her: I am just thinking how what could have being a fearful e-mail on both of our parts has become something lovely. When there is only love there is no room for fear. 

Me: I am so glad you are in my life.

Her: And you mine. And also X, who was singing your praises the other day.

I’ve had a bit of a week for love and if I needed any more proof that it is vital for me to put love at the centre of everything I do, including my work (which I did not, by the way), here it is.

I believe this is possible for all those of us that desire it, the opportunity to create a life, a business or a living doing something that we love. And if there’s room for any more love in your work or in your world, I’d love to help you find it.





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