Unstoppable: A Coach In A Million

“Judith has this incredible knack of knowing when to be kind and gentle and go easy on you and when to be more direct and, well, stick a rocket up yer bum!  She allows me to feel motivated, excited, upbeat and unstoppable.

As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to find a coach who understands that sometimes you just want a sounding board. Because Judith is herself a raging entrepreneur she is able to see this need so clearly, but after all the talk, she compels you to take action.  She’s a bit like a laser guided missile; through all the fluff and camouflage, she locks on to the real target or issue and within minutes you’re wondering what the problem was.

Her solid business and accounting background is perfectly balanced with an infectious energy, a generous spirit and wicked sense of humour.   She truly is a coach in a million.”

Marketing & Digital Business Angel, Claire Raikes

Your Biz Your Way

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