Up All Night to Get Lucky

I’ve had a couple of sleepless nights this week. One was planned to be that way, I was up all night on Sunday until 0500 Monday in order to watch the Oscars. Since film is one of my specialist subjects and right up there in my top five hobbies, possibly in my top two, I always prioritise this day every year and plan to take at least the Monday morning off, just like Jack Reacher Day (5th November 2018 – fireworks!).

My Oscars were very satisfactory in as much as those I really wanted to win did get their hands on the golden statue even if, in one example, it was then stolen from the after party – and recovered, thankfully. Thief on CCTV.

So, there was lots of punching the air from me as my winners won again. I thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony and it was fabulous to see so many women presenters and people of all colours, races and creeds too, although even in that there was much irony to be observed. But never mind. I am the Queen of Optimism, as you know, and I choose to believe that this is Yet A(nother) Important Beginning for women.

My absolute favourite thing was that instead of the more historically habitual expression men and women, they all reversed it and called us women and men. Nobody said anything, they just did it. It sounds clunky and that’s good, ‘cos it’s a pattern interrupt every time you notice that.

My current acting hero Frances McDormand won and she made a fabulous rousing speech encouraging all artists to call for an inclusion rider in their future contracts which ensures that diversity is well represented in the cast and crew of every film. Stonking idea, not hers but she had the platform to bring it to the world’s attention, albeit at 0445 UK time!

That was my first sleepless night.

Sleepless Monday Turns Out to be Fabulous Too

On Monday night I imagined I would sleep like a top, not least because although I had informed the household that I would be sleeping in to recover from the Oscars, the doorbell starting ringing at 8 a.m., first with the annually-visiting oven cleaner, then with our regular fortnightly cleaner rescheduled from Friday due to the snowmelt and, after a while of banging and hoovering and doors slamming beneath my bedroom window,  I just gave up on sleep and got up and got on with it. So I was ready for my bed that night although still somewhat wired and, TBH, not having been at the top of my game all day. Poor communications skills and reduced patience. I know. Unbelievable. No wonder I am such a believer in the healing and all-round magical powers of sleep.

But no sooner had I put the lights out than I had what Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame would call an entrepreneurial seizure, a brilliant business idea which keeps you awake all night. I got up again immediately and put a post about it on Facebook, partly so that I wouldn’t forget/bottle out overnight, and I got up again and actioned it on Tuesday morning. I hadn’t forgotten, I had no intention of bottling it, and there had been overnight encouragement from many on FB. Sixty-six reactions and 28 comments. Wow!

As I retired to bed exhausted on Tuesday night, anxious but a bit pleased at my hard work, I said aloud to myself that for an entrepreneur like me simply nothing comes close to the thrill of an idea which you think is brilliant and which you can get up, action, spend all day crafting an offer and send it out via the Big U before bedtime on the same day. There’s nothing like that feeling of enthusiasm all mixed in with anxiety and excitement, especially where it is one of those where you are on fire with your ability to help solve the pain and/or problems of others.

When I spoke of my mixture of emotions to a friend and colleague, she reminded me that when you offer anything up, if the results you want don’t come directly from that, they do come from other directions instead. I know this to be true, I teach it to my clients every day and they go off and implement it and that’s precisely what happens, not always immediately, but always. It’s a rule.

I did get a great night’s sleep on Tuesday but not before I had invited the world to join me in a three-month low-carb lifestyle turnaround adventure called Fabulous. Happily, I awoke on Wednesday morning to my first sale.

If it’s time for you to ditch the diets, cut the cravings and bust the addiction to carbs forever, I’m your woman.

I thought you were a business coach, Judith? 

Yes, that’s right. I am. And I have no plans to change that. But I am a personal coach too and a woman who has done what I am offering to teach others to do, bust their carby addictions within three months and then allow the excess avoirdupois to simply melt away.

Read all about Fabulous v1.0 at this bold pinky linky upcoming. Be an early adopter, do. And join in with this first season, the pilot. Exciting times. It looks like a departure, but it isn’t. I am just doing what I normally do, using my coaching skills and life experience to teach and support people in doing something I’ve already done. Create a business. Cut the carbs. Poor Alison, my pro photographer, asked after my new idea on Tuesday morning and I found I couldn’t stop myself babbling about it. When Liz asked me next, I said she’d have to listen to the recording ‘cos I couldn’t bore the members of SBBM with any more of my low-carby ranting!


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