Up for a Challenge? No, Me Either! Podcast Ep: 175

The topic du jour today on the podcast is 30 Day Challenges. Nicola’s running one with and for her clients and getting a real buzz from it.

What do I think? I bet she wishes she’d never asked me!

I had to offer a metaphor – she’s on the blue team and I’m on the pink one. In fact, I loathe the marketing concept of a Challenge so much I had recently to ask Facebook to help me come up with an alternative word. I chose Adventure though I realise many will┬ádislike that just as much, not least because – as one of my advisers said at the time – an adventure is risky. Yes, I replied. I’m an entrepreneur and we LOVE risk.

Challenge. Adventure. Arthur. Martha. They are not for the fainthearted or overwhelmed.

Nicola likes a challenge because she rises to it. I think the rest of us subscribe to them and then either get inbox or challenge overwhelm or we file the content thinking we will do it later when we have time and then we either get behind or we never get around to it. If I participate live and I can schedule time for that because it suggests it will teach me something I am motivated to learn or achieve, then I don’t mind a 7-day one. But I never really want to go on a Challenge or a Bootcamp ever again. The vibe is all wrong for me. And I note how many of my Blogfest contributors are saying the same about resisting any and all internet marketing bandwagons in one way or another.

I would like to make some exceptions. Of course, I would. I was Coach-in-Residence on John Williams’ 30 Day challenge in June 2014 and it was one of the highlights of coaching career to date but many found that overwhelming too and never got off the starting blocks. The pink team. Others thrived and either rose to it or got enough out of it by dint of sheer commitment to make it worth their while and get their money’s worth. The blue team.

I wrote a blog post every day of those 30 days in June 2014. I met lots of my current and past clients and made some great online friends in that challenge. My experience on this side of helping them along was only good. But even before I joined up as part of the 30DC team, clients were telling me they couldn’t make head nor tail of it, the environment was all wrong from them (too busy, too noisy, too crowded) and they were out, as a Dragon might say. I don’t blame them. It is a baptism of fire. Either you are Nicola or Judith. Blue or pink.

When I went to look up all the thirty blog posts I wrote about that June 2014 experience, I noticed that the one I wrote on the second day (THE SECOND DAY) was about learning to trust yourself which only turned out to be the strapline of the book wot I wrote three years (THREE YEARS) later. So you see, value comes to us from all experiences given time, whether or not we enjoy them we can always learn something of value either way. It’s all percolating around in the brainbox or heart and you can simply decide to trust that.

Nicola and I do eventually thrash out the value of a challenge and we decide that it includes the ease content delivered in daily bite-sized chunks, the value of accountability and the fun of the community and being in “the gang”.

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In other news, our words of the week are Sunshine (hers) and Consistent (mine). We discover what we think caused a huge spike in our download numbers last week (Radio Public) and I update Nicola about how it feels to be moving house on the day of my Blogfest deadline; just a couple of glitches with that so I am learning to trust not only in the pledges of my guest bloggers but also in my ability to manifest that the Good Friday bank holiday traffic past Stonehenge will be a breeze. Ahem. Sincerely hope and expect that neither of those will turn out to be a challenge!

We are impressed respectively by Vishen Lakhiani’s new free app which includes a six-phase meditation. I tell Nicola that only a couple of months ago I would have bet against her ever getting into meditation – life! And I am impressed by my low-carb client falling off the wagon and getting straight back on. I talk about the temptations of crisps, biscuits and bread, and advocate one simple dietary change for all – giving up toast and cereal. Yep, I know! Catch up with the Low Carb Adventure at my new FB Page for it. Come and be Fabulous with Judith.

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