Utterly Unemployable: My Biz My Way

Well, what on earth took me so long to get around to creating this collection of ideas?

  1.  I wrote the book Your Biz Your Way
  2.  I asked 52 of my closest online friends to write up their stories of that on my Blogfest 2018

But I forgot to even think about doing it myself. Nutter. Sometimes you miss what’s right under your own nose!

So, what’s it all about, Alfie…this solopreneur, work-at-home malarkey? I’ve tried it all ways – work at home alone, work at home with others, get an office almost alone, get an office with lots of others. Be a sole trader. Be a limited company. Be a partner. They all have their pros and cons but, in the final analysis, the way I do it now is the way I like it best. Solopreneur. Work-at-home alone.

How do I love it? Let me count the ways.

  1. No two days are the same. Ever. They never are in self-employment. You don’t know what’s going to happen, you don’t know who or what’s going to show up in your life or drop out of it in expected or unexpected ways or at your own hand. You get to design a business of your own, unique to you. Much is talked about life design. This is biz design. If you want routine, if you want all your days the same, you can have that by all means, fill yer boots. But it isn’t for me.
  2. BEING with my clients. Time to be with my clients, as individuals, not squeezing them through some program. This is the light of my life.
  3. Marketing. Who knew? When I left accounting I had a very hazy idea about what marketing was, smoke and mirrors. Now I discover it is anything but and has become another satisfying and often very deep joy because I get to use the written and spoken word to do my marketing and I love both of those. I have learned my expertise, such as it is. It has taken 15 years and the rest.
  4. That same marketing has given me the opportunity to improve my writing, one of my very earliest passions in life.
  5. I never have to do anything I don’t want to. That’s not 100% true, but it mostly is. Sometimes I b**ch and moan but honestly, I have no idea why. I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed, and so it is.
  6. My business provides me with plenty of time to have a life too. Time to think and read and lie down and nap, snooze, take time out, have days off, watch Grey’s Anatomy during the daytime (hush my mouth) and do what I like when I like. All of my blogfesters have written about freedom and its a word like success in that it means something completely different to everyone who uses it. It is a feeling we must feel though, us self-employed types. We were never happy doing it for another.
  7. I am Queen of all I survey. Nothing goes into my diary I don’t want to do and if I wake up on a day when I don’t feel like doing it for whatever reason, I simply re-schedule it. Often I just ask the Big U out loud “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…” and my online diary just re-organises itself to my cosmic command. Not always, but often. If it doesn’t, I do what I am booked to do. You can count on me.
  8. It’s fun. And if it isn’t fun, I don’t do it. How many ways are there to say that?

All of us in this blogfest have glossed over the ongoing and absolute financial terror and other related little and large terrors which go with the territory of employing yourself for money, and they are not often or always to be taken lightly. But we have survived and thrived in equal measure. And, you do adapt, for what other choice do you have when you are utterly unemployable?

Your Biz Your Way

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