Want to up your Blogging game?

I’m a blogger and I love blogging.   There, I’ve said it.   I’m a writer and blogging gets me to express my thoughts and feelings in writing.   And while the spirit is willing, very willing actually, the flesh is rather weak.   Even though I know first hand the benefits of blogging to my business and how many new visitors and clients my blog has brought me, I don’t do nearly enough of it.   I love it when I get on a roll with it though.

But I am rather dismayed to discover that since I moved over here from Typepad a while back, I’ve only made 12 postings including this one.   Shocking!

So, I’ve persuaded John & Mike that what we need to do over at the Creative Entrepreneurs Club is organise a 30 day Blogging Challenge in the month in June 2009.   And encourage our CEC members to join us and up their blogging game.   This will be the first of many such 30-day challenges, we are going to make them around things we each need to do in our businesses, things we know to do but haven’t done fully yet or aren’t doing regularly enough; the “Naked Entrepreneur” project we are calling it.   We are leading from the front by revealing our own shortcomings.   How’s that for in yer face transparency?  

We will start the ball rolling on our Creative Entrepreneurs radio show on Tuesday 26th May trailing the whole challenge and explaining the big Why about blogging.   Then on 4th June we will run an interactive teleclass with our members and talk them through creating some measurable goals around blogging for the month of June.   Tim Ferriss apparently says twice a week is enough.   I have an expert lined up who begs to differ.   Goody, I love a little controversy.  I’ve got a nice little handful of short audio interviews coming through with blogging experts, each with a different angle on blogging to share with you and me, to make us better at it.   Nice.

I want to blog every day throughout June.   Will I manage it?   Who knows?

Do you have a loved but neglected blog which could use a boot up the bum during June?   Want to join us in the 30 day challenge and participate in all we are doing for free?  

Then skip on over to the Creative Entrepreneurs Club and sign up for free to guest membership and join in.   The kickstart Teleclass and Block Busting Day both start live frm 10 a.m. BST on 4th June with a Listen Later facility if you are not free that day.   Let’s measure your stats at the beginning and the end of the month and let’s see what blogging can do to make your business more profitable.

You in?   Love a challenge, me.   And if you’ve got questions you want me to get my Blog Experts to answer, just leave a comment below and I will sort it.

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