Want -v- Should

There’s a bit of a recurring theme with my new clients this week, they’ve got two really great ideas for different businesses and they want to do X as well as Y. It falls to me to tell them that if they do both, it’s like running in lanes 1 and 2 in the 100 meter race, you aren’t going to win and you’ll be lucky if you finish before the next race starts. Or like being the jockey on two horses in one race, going nowhere fast.

It’s a horrid job, because I am a Scanner too, but someone’s got to tell them and I’m brave enough to volunteer. You can run two races if you want,  but curiously it will take you more than twice as long to achieve your desired outcome – a profitable business.

So what I recommend is something called serial focus, so named by coaching colleague Margaret Collins; do one thing first and the other thing next. It’s been proven by many a guru to make you money much, much faster. As I explain this to my client, we both know I’m right but it isn’t necessarily a moment that either of us enjoys as the truth sinks in. So I recommend to them that they sit with it for a bit.

So which of your brilliant ideas do you choose? Easy! When I listen to you talk, the right one becomes obvious because the quality of your voice changes when you tell me about it, as if you were describing your loved one to me, or your child. Your voice softens lovingly and your energy increases and you are more passionate. So one of your ideas is a want and the other is a should.

And if I can see the money in the want, I’ll fan the flames of that desire. Every time.


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