Could. Should. Would. Want.

I Love WritingWe spend a lot of time in our lives working on coulds, struggling through shoulds, planning woulds. But want is where our attention goes. We want what we want and that’s all there is to it. Often we cannot explain why, nor need we. No explanations are required for the things we desire, they just are.

I listen to my clients tell me about the sorts of business they are intending to create and I know it’s often because it seems sensible, it’s because they could, should, would.

But the older I get the more often I ask my clients: “But what is it you really want?”

When I was a younger woman I put less importance on want too. I was ambitious and driven, and I had things to prove to myself and others. My wants had to wait.

But desire just won’t go away. And that’s the good news.

The things you’ve always loved and would love to spend your time doing, they abide.

Our job together is to find a way (if you want to) that you could make a life and a living NOW doing those, the wants, without robbing all the joy out of the things you love.

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