Wanted: 5 Players To Become Cashflow Masterminds in London

Every month I play Rich Dad’s Cashflow 101 game. This game is financially life-changing, there is no other way to describe it. It’s a learning tool which changes the way you behave with money and teaches you how to invest, how to evaluate deals and business opportunities, how to calculate ROI (return on investment) and how to get out of the Rat Race.

It’s also emotionally life-changing because, as you start to get more confident with the maths and get that aspect under your belt, you start to notice your emotions where money is concerned too. Cashflow 101 reveals to you how you interact with other people in deals and how you might make more money more easily by noticing more opportunities, partnering up with others and learning how to pitch joint ventures. And that’s just for starters!

I have been teaching this game for nearly a decade and despite having clutter-cleared all my possessions away to nearly zero, I have been unable to give away my last copy of the game. It’s just too important to me. In fact I did sell all my copies of the game once, only to have to buy some back! And then I got rid of them all again but finally had to renege on my promise to sell the last copy when I realised I wasn’t ready to release it yet. Rich Dad’s Cashflow 101 changed my life and I love teaching it to others and facilitating their learning and I’m just not ready to allow the last copy of game to leave my life because I love it so.

So, would you like to learn to play the game proficiently and then have my coaching support while you work out how to transfer your learnings from the game into your real life and business?

I’m putting together some Cashflow Mastermind teams. We’ll meet once a month at my home in Streatham Hill, London SW2 4QB and play in the Abundance Shed at the bottom of my garden. There will be a charge of £97 per delegate per learning day (10-5) and we’ll play two games each day so learning will be pretty full on. You must book and pay and commit to attend all three games in advance. There is only room for 6 players max and I’ve got one committed player already so 5 more actively sought right now.

Please bring your lunch with you and I will provide coffee, tea, water and treats.

The players will become a Mastermind Team and we’ll share learnings between games in a Google Group and I will throw in wealth coaching and business mentoring for each player by email and Skype. Players are required to commit to all three games and pay £291 in advance. Games will be on:

26th September

24th October and

28th November 2012.

I will schedule a second set of dates if demand dictates.

Please email me if you’d like to join our Cashflow Mastermind Team and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice so you can book your seat at our Cashflow 101 table.

I do hope you’ll decide to be one of our Cashflow Masterminds on the 4th Wednesday of September, October and November this Autumn term.

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