Wanted: Micro Investors for Yvonne’s Champagne App

Do you love champagne? Yes, me too. That’s why I have decided today to take Yvonne up on her offer of investing $1,000 dollars in her new App.

Yvonne has a luxury B & B in Champagne and her husband has a website all about the bubbly stuff; in fact the two of them are steeped in it. I have been to stay with them and partaken of Yvonne’s hospitality and Jiles’ expertise and it was a pleasant, restful and effervescent short break, an easy drive from my London home via Le Shuttle.

Yvonne consulted me this morning about the launch of an App and I’m in.  The App will be all about Champagne for English-speaking visitors, and lots of stuff for those of us at home who want to re-visit the happy memories of our trip from the comfort of our ipads and iphones whilst being able to enjoy the Hallings’ enthusiasm for all things sparkling.

At the time of writing, there are only four more spaces to go so if you are up for it, move fast. Just like Yvonne in fact! I was going to blog about Yvonne today anyway, about her passion for her product, but I will now save that one for another day.

If you fancy a flutter, here’s everything you need to know – Yvonne’s Champagne App.

And from that link you can find your way to reading all about the B & B if you fancy the pick-me-up of a spontaneous Autumn break, and more about the delights of the Champagne region too.

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  1. That’s a great idea! In fact, I developed and released such an app, in English, just a few weeks ago. I just emailed Yvonne about it, and suggested a cooperation. I also saw this need for an interactive tourist guide, and I am glad to read that more initiatives are taken to create useful apps for visitors to the Champagne region. My app InChampagne was approved by Apple in late September, and is now available on the app store. (Direct link http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/inchampagne/id457930761?mt=8 )

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