When More Information Is Way Too Much

InformationWhenever I have a moment of financial scarcity, one of my favourite resources is a little video by Lynne Twist about what she calls The Great Lie of Scarcity, incorporating the Three Toxic Myths:

  1. There’s not enough to go round
  2. More is better
  3. And that’s just the way that it is

Lynne talks us through to the realisation that we have so much already, we have a sufficiency, and we might simply choose to be content with what we have. One of my blogging colleagues wrote that a second slice of chocolate cake risks spoiling the first. And another wrote of her contentment with what she has, despite it not being necessarily the “dream life” she visualises – yet.

It occurs to me that this can apply as much to information as it does to money, to the sense that somehow I will be better and my world will be improved if I can just get the next piece of information or yet more education.

Well, that’s not true for me. I already have enough. I have a sufficiency of information and I am all about putting into action what I know.

This means that when correspondents offer inducements to attend webinars or participate in anything, their intention may be to bestow abundance but all they do is hold out the prospect of yet more, when I already know I have more than I need. And if I ever feel a lack, I can go looking for it. I know they mean well and I know and admire their prodigious appetite for learning and creating more, but it’s a No from me.

To me, more isn’t better. It’s not even an abundance. It’s a superfluity, a glut and a burden. In my quest to live a simple, minimalist life, I don’t want any more of anything, especially not more information, and if I do I’ll ask Google.

Lynne Twist lists those things we feel there may not be enough of – time, money, love, sex, days of the week, days in the weekend, hours in the day, hours in the night, sleep etc. but even she didn’t list information, because it’s a truth universally acknowledged – we already have more than enough.

If I respond to the tug to attend the webinar or accept access to the new program, I am giving in to the scarcity that there’s something I lack and that I may be missing out if I don’t participate. That’s why the best thing for me is to delete all the well-meaning information and decline the unsolicited invitations and not clutter up my clarity and focus.   Lynne calls it being “a deficit human being”. I am not a deficit human being, I know I have more than enough and I appreciate my good fortune.

And – lucky you – I have a plethora of information to spare if you need a bit? No? Thought not! You’re swamped with the ****** stuff too, aren’t you?

There’s a spiritual stance I choose to take up here. I am enough. I have enough. I know enough. And if the day ever dawns when I doubt that, I am confident (and chuffed to bits) that I have access to clever colleagues who compensate for my shortcomings. I opt out of more information to keep myself clean and clear for what’s important to me. I choose what’s vital for me and what’s vital for me is unique to me.

I’m not afraid I will miss anything. As I move ever closer to my minimalist ideals, more information, more media, more newspapers, TV, web-based information, seminars, bootcamps (God save me from another bootcamp) adverts, social media and so on… well, they just feel onerous, jam-packed with information as they are.

I decided long ago to let go of trying to get more of what I already have and relax and enjoy and use what’s already in stock. Thanks but no thanks to more; I don’t feel I’m missing out and just like when I opted out of news decades ago, the important stuff still gets through.

To borrow one more expression from Lynne Twist, the “surprising radical truth” is that not only is less more, but more is way too much.

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