Ways to Win

cashflowWith each group of clients that rolls through here to play Cashflow 101, I learn new ways of “winning” at the game, and specifically at the game of life. Here are a few observations from this week’s game.

High Energy is an alpha personality, she makes things happen, she’s a woman in a hurry, impatient to see early results, she stands up to roll the dice, draws opportunities to her with infectious energy and self-belief and determination, she’s bright and good fun and brings something with her for us all to enjoy. I’m a bit like High Energy so I know her well.

Cool, elegant, laid back, apparently more concerned about looking after others than collecting her own good fortune, she draws a lot of Market cards which advantage all players, not just herself, and then just as High Energy crosses the finishing line, Cool does too, with one easy big win on shares which enables one fabulous big deal for her to go out in one. No fuss. No bother. The Cool tortoise strategy crosses the tape within the same timeframe as High Energy but without breaking a sweat. Enviable strategy.

Initially Disengaged professes herself not to be interested in money, plays a poor game in the morning when we must play by the rules but, in the afternoon, when the rule book goes out the window and she becomes very interested in pursuing her own real-life Dream Goal, she transforms and is very motivated and realises how useful money could be in achieving that dream and is first past the winning post. She likes to play companionably with at least one other supportive, kindly, knowledgeable and resourced cheerleader (me!) on her team. She’s a team player who grows and glows in that attention and her winning ways then emerge.

Apparently Unlucky cannot get the breaks in the morning despite all her plans and good intentions. The Big U sends her opportunities other than the ones she had in mind for herself and she passes, intent upon her own strategy. The opportunities she wants do not come in the morning, she has to watch as others get those instead, but they do in the afternoon and she plays a great game manifesting what she intended at the start of the day. Patience is her watchword too; sometimes we have no choice but to play the waiting game, trusting that everything comes to us at the perfect time. No one game strategy is better than any other. Go with the flow, Apparently Unlucky is an illusion, you are lucky too. Timing is all. Allow your good fortune to come to you, always remembering to clear a path.

Nice & Easy takes to the game like a duck to water. Her experience at business and her gift with partnering up with the right people at the right time, and her generosity and her charm and ease at crafting deals to help others as well as herself sees her doing well within the rules and outside them. She’s a natural, but she is absolutely quirky and unique and does her it own way (choosing to throw the dice on the floor to give her the creative wiggle room she needs) and is confident in that. Nice & Easy is her own woman and that’s a winning strategy too, taking others with her across the line.

Rich Dad’s game, Cashflow 101, is not a game about winning in the orthodox way. Everyone can learn to develop their own personal ways to win with money in the game and in life.

Come and play Cashflow 101 with me in London.

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