Wealth Dynamics And The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Run, don’t walk, to see the film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and let its various pleasures wash over you.

I may have to go again on the pleasure front as I was so engaged in watching the different types of Wealth Dynamics profiles on display amongst the characters.

Sonny, played by gorgeous doe-eyed Dev Patel, is a Creator, your classic Entrepreneur. “Don’t trouble me with the details” is his favourite saying. Mine too.  He has a vision. Me too.

He’s inherited the hotel and wants to restore it its former glory. He has no idea how he’s going to do it and he’s not letting that stop him. He can see something the rest of us can’t. His head is permanently in the clouds, his feet barely touch the ground and realist is not a word which features high  in his personal lexicon, thank Goodness.

I whispered to my companion “I’m like him, aren’t I?” and she nodded in the affirmative, not necessarily in the appreciative.

Sonny has no idea how it will all work out but he’s absolutely 100% rock-solid convinced (most of the time) that all will be well.   All he can see is the good stuff. And all those around him can see is what’s wrong with his optimism, critical of his track record to date.

Sonny’s surrounded by naysayers and non-believers from his Mummy G, to his potential brother-in-law, to Jean, played by Penelope Wilton,who is such an extreme pessimist that she never even leaves the hotel, determined to hate the India idea from the outset.

Everyone else is variously seduced by India and goes about their way reuniting with old friends, making new ones, appreciating India’s treasures, her light and her smiles, visiting the sights, getting jobs and settling in. All except Muriel who is, frankly, a shocking old racist.

Until even Muriel begins to form relationships as she has a hip replacement licketty-split at a fraction of the cost and with no NHS waiting list, to the relationship she begins to form with the lovely hotel staff assigned to wait on her and clean round her. Even though they have no common language, she is surprised and we are delighted to watch her discover they have plenty of common life experience as they start to build a tentative rapport born of mutual respect and curiosity.   Muriel’s a watcher.

And it is Muriel who comes to Sonny’s rescue, who could have foreseen that?   Muriel, it seems, has book-keeping skills in her surprising handbag which she clutches to herself at all time, like a shield. And a lot more besides. She takes a look at the books, works out how to make the hotel pay and sweet talks an investor into funding it all.   Muriel, quite introverted for much of the film, and with how-to skills, must be a Mechanic.   Someone is always required to partner up with the dreaming Creator if we are to get this show on the road.  And we’re off…!

Miserable old Jean opts to return home. She has spent her time in India indoors applying mozzie-bite cream and complaining, always seeing the worst of everyone and everything whilst making erroneous assumptions.    I leaned into my companion and said “she’s like you, isn’t she?” and, to be fair, although my pal isn’t quite THAT bad, she did acknowledge that has Penelope Wilton-esque qualities at times.

I think it did us both good to see the worst excesses of our personality types and profiles embodied in fictional characters which are larger than life so as to ease the recognition and enhance the enjoyment. Good to recognise yourself at the movies and learn about yourself. Wealth Dynamics is another very valuable way to learn about yourself as an Entrepreneur.

Take the test for only $97 at YourWealthProfile.com and let me know your results. I can help you interpret them and work out whether you are a Sonny, Jean or a Muriel. Fingers crossed for Sonnys and Muriels!

Wealth Dynamics And The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

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