Wealth Solutions with the Barefoot Doctor

Sometime towards the end of last year I was interviewed by the Barefoot Doctor. Our paths crossed virtually for an hour or so and we had a meeting of minds.

That interview is now being made public as part of a free webinar series being broadcast between 1st and 4th February. Barefoot’s other experts include Rachel Elnaugh, Davina Mackail (the dream whisperer), Steve Nobel, Nick Williams, Nicola Cairncross and Claire Westwood (the happy nurse).

The Barefoot Doctor comes from left of field for some which makes this series of webinars unique.   I do hope you will find time to listen to some either live or after the event.

Find out more here as Barefoot offers to change how you think and feel about wealth forever.    Despite being one of the so-called experts, I shall be listening in too as I will be fascinated to hear some of the more esoteric speakers.

Your Biz Your Way

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