Weekend Conference 19/20 November 2011 – Judith’s Notes

Yvonne had been trying to get me to pay attention to Mike Maloney for some time – and failing! However, as luck would have it, on Wednesday last week 16th November she finally sent me something which caught my eye. Mike Maloney is one of Rich Dad’s Advisors and he’s written the book called Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing in Gold & Silver: Protect Your Financial Future.    This is the link she shared from which I discovered that Mike was speaking in the UK with Max Keiser that very upcoming weekend and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss, possibly even meant to be.

The event was being organised by ProtectNSurvive.com and here’s what they promised the event would deliver: Event Overview. The price of the two-day weekend was £799 (although you could buy each day separately and Day 1 was cheaper than Day 2) but I managed to find a 50% discount coupon reducing my cost to £399 which was pretty much what I was prepared to pay, coming as a newbie to this material. I could easily free up my weekend, the conference venue is only about 20 minutes from where I live and has parking, they promised a blissfully short day from 9.30-4.30 which is civilised and so I was all set. And booked in.

I am going to reproduce here the Event Overview in case they take that link down. I think it’s important you see what I was going to learn. And perhaps most important of all, this is what I most liked about what I read in their blurb: “When the event ends, no, there’s nothing you need to buy from us. You’ll have more than enough information to pursue what we’ve shown you by yourself.”   OK, so the fee to attend alone was going to be sufficient, I wouldn’t have to shell out more at the end. Good.


The sort of areas we’ll cover off are as follows:

Where We Are Today

A brief overview of today’s economic issues, where we are headed, and critically how this directly affects you. Many in the finance industry prefer we remain in the dark. They make more money that way. The reality is, many in the finance industry are also in the dark, yet it really isn’t hard to get to the grips with the basics, and it’s essential you do.

When we’re through with you on this, we promise
 a) you’ll be able to pick up the Financial Times and actually make some sense from it, and
 b) be in a position to take sound actions based on your understanding.

Remember, a fool and his money are easily parted. Sadly, our governments have the scars to prove it.

What Are You Doing To Achieve Financial Stability

I don’t think anyone would doubt we are in a rapidly changing financial climate. We forever hear about our fragile economy, then apparent recovery, then back to fragile and back again. Working out a sensible and sustainable route through this can drive you mad. It doesn’t stay still.

We’ll look at how workable are the common routes to financial stability in the current climate to. How important is it that you should consider or continue a job, building a business, property investment or should you take an interest in the financial markets?

What We Recommend You Do

We’ll spend the majority of our time educating you on some very specific areas of the economy we urge you to pay attention to, and opportunities within it, none of which require the involvement of bank loans or credit ratings.

We’ll cover off here
 i) opportunities you should take advantage of in order to anchor any current assets you have, i.e. savings, pensions, investments, property, and for those who are interested,
 ii) opportunities you should take advantage of not only protect yourself and family, but also to create wealth that will set you up for the rest of your life.

Critically, we’ll show you what you can do, today, to achieve the above. Ironically, having just been schooled in dark arts of the economy, it’s about as complicated as ordering a round of drinks…and one of the opportunities we’ll be discussing will cost you about the same.

And Finally

When the event ends, no, there’s nothing you need to buy from us. You’ll have more than enough information to pursue what we’ve shown you by yourself.


Predicting The Future

The second day isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s geared towards the more sophisticated investor interested in methods of developing significant and sustainable wealth into the future. We focus specifically on methods of ‘predicting the future’ through the understanding of economic cycles. Throughout history, knowledge of these cycles have are the basis of significant fortunes.

Nothing has changed.


Day 1 Notes

Richard Anderson of ProtectNSurvive opened the show , a pin-striped property investor from Yorkshire, a Cambridge-educated ancient historian.   He asked us what has fundamentally changed with the banks since 2007 to stop the collapse happening again. He asked us to discuss this with our table. Next to me was a Russian lady who had come all the way from Moscow for the weekend, leaving her 3.5 year old twins behind for the first time ever, on her first trip to London. On the other side of me was an Italian lady, a conspiracy theorist who believes “they” can change the weather and cause earthquakes, and two people from the Occupy movement who had been invited to the event as guests. It didn’t take us long to work out that the answer to the question was “Nothing”.  And the bank bailouts continue.

They showed us this three-minute video on You Tube which you may have seen already since it went viral, but it’s worth watching again. Trader Alessio Rastani says we should protect our assets, our savings will vanish and Goldman Sachs control the world, not governments.   They told us that the bond market has had it. Bill Gross has pulled out of the bond market and started betting against it.

Richard brought Mike Maloney to the stage, he told us he had written the book on gold and silver for Robert Kiyosaki, he’s a precious metals dealer and an educator who goal is to try and save the middle classes who are 70% of the population who he now sees as scared, desperate and broke. Firstly he taught us the distinction between currency and money. What we call money (notes and coins), what we have in our purses and wallets is only currency. It only has a value as long as someone you offer it to is prepared to accept it in exchange for goods and services. Intrinsically it has no value, though we generally “feel” that it has.

Money must be:

  • A medium of exchange
  • A unit of account
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Divisible
  • Fungible (meaning interchangable, i.e. one £5 note is worth the same as any other £5 note)

Currency has all those qualities.

But in order to be money, it must have one additional quality:

  • It must be a store of value.

Currency is not a store of value, precious metals (gold and silver) are. This point was demonstrated by a story about the US speakers coming into London in a taxi from the airport and proffering a Scottish bank note in part payment for the fare. The taxi driver refused to accept it, therefore the piece of paper was deemed worthless by one of the transacting parties.

Mike started to educate the audience for the weekend ahead. He’s a historian, an academic and had started to study all this when trying to look after his Mother’s money in 1999. They gave it all to a trusted financial adviser who promptly lost half of it.

A bond is a promise to pay later, with interest.

We were taught about fractional reserve lending, Treasury and Bank of England “hocus pocus”, how money is created, what it meant when Gordon Brown sold the UK’s stock of gold for $250 an ounce, what it meant when Richard Nixon took the Americans off the gold standard, where every bank note was matched by an equivalent amount of gold in the vault, that the Federal Reserve is privately owned, not state-owned as many think. This is a matter of public record. The Bank of England may also be privately owned too but this information is much harder to find in the UK and the relevant information has been removed from Wikipedia as “infringement of copyright”.

We are enslaved, the love of money encourages fear, craving and profiteering. Bonds and inflation steal prosperity from the future and enslave us. The Gold Standard sucks.

True value is our blood, sweat, labour, ideas and talent.

Mike believes that we are in for an initial period of deflation with interest rates falling still further, followed by hyper inflation in which currency will become increasingly meaningless and the value of our assets in real estate/property and stocks and shares will plummet and become almost worthless while we struggle to afford everyday essentials and more and more default as they cannot afford dramatically and fast-rising interest rates. He’s personally living in rented accommodation, i.e. choosing not to own property, and is 90% invested in precious metals.   Mike feels the currency market is contracting, 2011-2020 is a unique decade in our lifetime and that if you are well prepared “the coming economic crisis is nothing to be feared. For those who are informed, it will be the biggest financial opportunity in history. ”

He gave  us all a copy of his Rich Dad’s guide to investing in silver and gold and a video. Am happy to pass both on once I’ve read and watched them, so do be the first to ask! He’s making a TV programme. So he’s worth following on YouTube, and checking out his websites which are GoldSilver.com and WealthCycles.com. I do have two spare vouchers from each company. The first entitles us to a small discount providing we use it by 31st December 2011 to buy precious metals from his site and the second entitles us to receive his paid-for newsletter for a year for free, normally valued at $18 pcm. Be the first two people to ask but only if you are going to use the vouchers please. I have already subscribed to the ezine and could perhaps forward it to the Money-MakingMagicGoogleGroup.

He mentioned a book called The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at The Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin. Not a must read by any means he said, but if you want more information.

He recommended that your investments in gold and silver should be split 80/90% in gold and 10/20% in silver.

Having laid the foundation for the weekend, we were sent to lunch at 11.50. Blimey! I’d only just had breakfast it seemed.

After lunch Max Keiser came on. I had seen Max in that first link Yvonne sent me and was mentally calling him “that shouting man” in my mind. But in the flesh Max is MUCH MORE COMPELLING. If Mike Maloney was the historian, Max is younger, more contemporary, bang up to date, wealthy from working on Wall Street himself way back, should be a stand-up comedian, he has a mind like a steel trap. He saved the weekend with his light relief. He was rude, irreverent, shocking. From what I can see his own YouTube and Keiser reports TV shows and appearances on others’ TV news shows are what he does. He’s also 90% invested in precious metals. Max is passionate about telling the world what he sees as the real truth behind what the banks are doing.

Perhaps his most telling words in his first short but entertaining session were:

“Banks are not people. People should be bailed out, not banks.”

Next on stage was Brent Harmes who is one of Mike Maloney’s colleagues at WealthCycles.com. Brent is the boffin. I realised it was almost a year to the very day since I ran an event for MG clients with Phillip J. Anderson, author of The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking, and owner of a similar business to WealthCycles, which predicts what to do and when within these wealth cycles, Economic Indicator Services. I was back again in the land of Nicolai Kondratiev, and Brent explained that Kondratiev sees the world in financial cycles of seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and each last about twenty years. We are in a Kondratiev winter. Each season used to last about 55 years, now each season lasts approximately one generation of twenty years. The Kondratiev Wave is a long wave boom/bust cycle and all four seasons take approximately 80 years to complete.

1949 Spring, coming off a low, building, feelgood, babyboom.

1966 Summer, builds on itself, prices/interest rates go up.

1980 Autumn, another boom, interest rates come down, we can borrow so we spend.

2000 Winter, debt limited, unwind, pay off or be liquidated – this season started in 2000 and is likely to last until 2020 so we are looking at another decade of financial winter.

The cycles also go from east to west and back again. The West’s power is currently in decline as wealth moves to the East. Each cycle is 500 years so East 500 + West 500 = 1000 in total to complete.

We were introduced to the concept of dollar cost averaging, Congressman Ron Paul (worth Googling), a conference called When Money Dies, and taught that the only way economies continue to work is if we go deeper and deeper into debt, borrowing from the future. We pay tax for the privilege of having a currency.

One note I have here although it is out of place with the content of the weekend is that landlords are regarded as “gougers” during periods of high inflation when due to populations being hard up and resentful, rents do not and cannot keep pace with hyper-inflation since wages are not either.

Max Keiser came back on, more levity including his Financial Terrorist playing cards available from FinancialTerrorists.org. And Broker Zero, a film he’s making with his partner Stacy Herbert who briefly appeared on stage over the weekend but features in most of his TV shows and Keiser Reports. We were invited to crowdfund it via something called PirateMyFilm. But you get the impression that Max doesnt care what you do. His mission is to let everyone know his opinions about “banksters”.  He recommended we look at Jesse Livermore who said “Wall Street never changes, the pockets change, the suckers change, the stocks change, but Wall Street never changes, because human nature never changes.”

He said that 5% is a “natural” rate of interest. That the Bank of England and the City of London are engaged in “ponzi scheme economics”, that quantitive easing (QE) and low interest rates are a forced penalty on savers which subsidises speculators. He recommended a book called Currency Wars by James Rickards and Googling to find out more about Bill Still. Max is spearheading a campaign called “Crash J.P. Morgan Buy Silver“. If you Google those words I have bolded you can find out more about it both at Max’s own site and on other unrelated sites. It was a very compelling idea!

The New Economics Foundation was also mentioned during the weekend along with the Bilderberg Group – also worth Googling.

Finally on Day One Mike Maloney was brought back for a final very long, exhausting and pretty academic session with lots of graphs and slides explaining “so, what’s really going on?”   Despite the advertised 4.30 finish, he was still talking at 5.50 and I had to leave. But what he taught during this session included:

Inflation is caused by the expansion of the currency supply. Conversely, deflation is the contraction of the currency supply. Gold constrains governments, without that constraint they are at liberty to do what they want e.g. printing money (QE). The Gold Standard works very well, equalising all economies, gold is the great equaliser. Gold’s original peak, now the support line, was when it achieved $850 an ounce in January 1980. At that point, 60 oz would buy a family home for $60,000. Since Mike likes to compare gold prices with real value e.g. property costs, not prices which is only currency, he was at great pains to constantly bring us back to measurable value all the time, not price. Value not price. Price is determined by what amount of worthless currency we will swap for anything, whereas gold is the only was to determine real underlying value of something.

The price of everything goes up as more currency is pumped into the economy, as they “print” more although obviously they are only creating digital dollars, not actually printing more bank notes. Each £1 thus created is a promise that our economy will have to find a way to pay the original £1 back plus interest. We are effectively borrowing money into existence. There is thus always more debt than there is currency and currency can only repay the principal £1. Prices always match the supply of money EXACTLY. Deflation rewards savers as wages fall. Gold was mildly deflationary and self-regulating when everything was gold backed.

Whilst capitalism is the most efficient system, it is ruthless and brutal, the survival of the fittest.

When it comes to vault cash -v- digital dollars, banks are bankrupt. Always. The ratio between digital dollars and real paper dollars in circulation is 1:1200.

Mike reminded us that after 9/11 in America the banks were closed for a week and the ATMs ran out of cash. But the gold and silver dealers were open for business. Precious metals dealers became the banks for a week.  He recommends we keep at least a month’s worth of cash at home in a safe.

Wealth is never lost, it is only transferred. The free market always works and punishes you hard if you try to manipulate it, as the banks are now. Assets (when compared to gold) can be over valued or under valued. We must constantly compare the value of things to see if they are over-priced or under-priced. Look at value, not price. What can you buy with your gold, not with your dollars. What will your stash of precious metals buy you in the property market, in the stock market? More important than the price as that’s only you swapping precious metals for currency again, which can be worthless.

Mike believes it was a mistake to ever borrow more than 3 or 3.5 times your salary to buy your home.   As an investor look at the “carry cost” of a mortgage which is the mortgage + tax + insurance and compare that to every dollar of rent you receive as a way of establishing your true yield value, again value not return in dollars/pounds.

Go against the herd and buy gold when the market is fearful, not when the big Bull rush begins and the market is greedy.

Yet another reminder to look at value, not price. Compare the price of gold to things you want to acquire, not what it costs you to acquire gold. And buy it whatever it costs until it goes all the way up to $10,000 an ounce. You do this for what it can buy you and you alone when everyone else is holding currency and worthless assets at the absolute nadir of the impending global decade-long crash they predict.

Mike considers that a lot of people should not be homeowners (the sub prime folk) since they are not sufficiently financially astute to manage their finances.

Wall Street’s mantra is to shear the sheep (their clients) not slaughter them – the inference being that then you cannot continue to rip them off. Dont be a sheep, take responsibility for your own wealth and to look after your family. Act to protect yourself from the impending doom and gloom.

Capitalism to Collectivism. Freedom to Fascism. Its the ABUSES of capitalism (i.e. perceived bank collusion, control of governments, fraud and greed) which leads to movements such as the Occupy backlash, population dissent and activism.  The markets are not free currently as governments bail out the banks, not the people.

NB: Neither Max nor Mike have any children. Two people at my table including my new Russian friend did and their concerns were obviously how to look after their children by putting a roof over their heads and protecting them from a debt-ridden future.

Day 2 Notes

[Judith’s temperature check on waking. Having spent Saturday with fear-mongers and conspiracy theorists (neither of which are familiar territory for me, quite the reverse) I got the very strong instinct that now was not the time to be looking to become a philanthropist with my digital dollars, by spending money re-launching the T1ME bank early in 2012.  Having spent the last decade following Kiyosaki’s advice on how to get out of the rat race and achieved it by building up income-producing assets and living off my investments, now the tables were turning and one of Rich Dad’s Advisors was telling me to cash it all in and go from an income-producing play (property, business, investments.) to a capital producing play of buying and holding precious metals, gold and silver. This would mean I would NEED TO GO BACK TO WORK (ugh) and that my impending fortune would be of perilous digital dollars (literally) which I would not be able to rely upon, as I had hoped, to look after me for the rest of my life and become a philanthropist and fund the Entrepreneur’s Bank with the surplus. I had to look after myself first. I had become fearful. They had turned me from a Bull into a Bear in one day. Also I hadn’t really got a good answer to the only question I had been able to ask the day before, namely when is a good time to pay off debt. The answer was fudged, as it was to all questions actually. Richard Anderson, the organiser of the conference, did however say “good question!” when I asked it.   Note also I was one of the most informed people about money in the audience of about 100 or so people, putting my hand up and knowing the answers to most of the questions about mortgages, historic interest rates, financial life over the last thirty years, which gave me the impression that more in the audience were perhaps either Max Keiser groupies or Occupy types.]

Still, I went in with great enthusiasm hoping for the greater depth which was promised from the more expensive Day 2. I didn’t get it during the morning which was largely a recap of the day before in slightly greater depth, bringing up to date the folks who had come for Day 2 alone.  It was useful nevertheless since I was quite new to their arguments and I can never have too many slides with graphs on them comparing the price of gold to house prices, consumer price indices, stocks and shares, etc.   We were sent for an early lunch again.

Each session over the weekend was punctuated by funny YouTube videos such as this one from South Park: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAKsMnAM8vk and this one from Clarke & Dawe:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5D0VhS8qXT0  – a little light relief!

The second afternoon session began with boffin Brent Harmes again, explaining the three phases of a bull market which he called “the psychology test”:

1.   Stealth. Early adopters and smart money buy into gold – the market is in denial.

2.   The Wall of Worry, gold begins to look like common sense, awareness is rising, mutual funds are created and people like us buy in.

3.   The Euphoria phase, everyone buys in but it’s really too late, the smart money is starting to go short.

PEAK is achieved

Next there is what is called The Slippery Slope of Hope because people have become accustomed to it being a good bet so refuse to believe its going down so most believe it’s still the place to be and hang on.

Euphorias don’t happen very often. The slide he used was from ZealLLC.com but it seems I would have to subscribe to be able to access it so I can’t reproduce it sadly.

Gold is in phase 2 right now, i.e. still plenty of time for us to get in though we might worry. Do not worry, no need to worry. Buy once a month at whatever you can afford. Do not worry about the price of it, all that means is sometimes your monthly budget will buy more, sometimes less. Do not panic, keep buying irrespective of price in phase 2. They feel that gold will peak this time at around $10,000 an ounce and silver at $500. WealthCycles.com will tell paying subscribers when to exit on the same day Mike is exiting. Remember to buy when others are fearful (now), not when the market gets insatiably greedy for gold as you will have missed the boat effectively to make 5x your money. That’s our opportunity right now, to buy at less than $2,000 an ounce and ride the bull all the way to $10,000. Mike recommends on his two websites (see above) what sort of precious metals to buy (coins which are legal tender in US and Canada), where to hold it and what NOT to buy. Notes on what NOT to buy are below also.

Brent recommends trying to find a comparison between property prices and the consumer price index which he knows is part of Yale Professor Robert Shiller’s work. He didnt have it with him. I guess members of WealthCycles.com would be able to ask Brent to find it for us?

Max Keiser came on at 1.20 with another hour of his madcap, angry humour in which he called bankers “Banksters” amalgamating the word with gangsters! He says bankers are engaged in legalised corruption. Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner, Larry Summers. Pure financial thuggery. [Note from Judith: this point is also very well made in the documentary film The Inside Job, the one with the voice-over by Matt Damon.]

He quoted one Wall Street type saying “too much borrowing, lending and spending can only be resolved by more borrowing, lending and spending”.    Prisons are a growth industry in the USA, also dwarf-tossing is to be legalised and why not look at the Somali pirates as having an economic boom too? The City of London is engaged in ponzi scheme economics and the UK is especially vulnerable since the City’s contribution to the central coffers is so important to our economy. They have us by the short and curlies. Congress in the States is bribed with shares to make IPOs work.

A group discount on sushi is capitalism whereas a group discount on health care is socialism.

JP Morgan have been caught betting against their own stock, shorting investments they were selling their own clients, betting against themselves and have been cited in silver manipulation and price fixing, hence his campaign to buy silver and crash JPM. Very few arrests are ever made when bankers are caught out. Crash JPM by buying silver is the most effective way to action growing dissent. A bull market in gold and silver reflects that dissent.

Jamie Dimon (Chairman and Chief Executive of JP Morgan Chase) and Lloyd Blankfein (CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs) are the faces of the perpetrators.

There’s a tendency – by increasing the amount of currency – to confiscate the wealth of the middle classes through inflation.   We are born into serfdom again now, born into debt, live and die as peasants either in prison or on the plantation. There’s a plan afoot to make debt inter-generational, i.e. it won’t die with you, your children will inherit your debt. One third of Americans already live in poverty.

It is Max’s opinion that its clear we are heading back to the Gold Standard as central banks are buying gold.

The Bank of England has taken £40bn from us, the people, and transferred it to our banks. QE is about bolstering banks exposed to Euro debt.

Going back to his view of target gold at $10,000 and ounce and silver at $500, there’s a ratio between silver and gold of typically 12-20:1.   Solar energy takes 10% of all silver mined annually.

Mike Maloney came back on at 2.20 and spoke for the rest of the afternoon which culminated in a Q & A panel on stage of all the speakers, again not really having answers to real questions from the audience which were mainly about when to exit from holding gold and silver, fear questions..

Mike referred us to Dave Morgan of Silver-Investor.com

Mike again said to measure the value of gold against things such as house prices, not against worthless currency. He said that his own gold target would be one fiftieth to one fortieth of the cost of a median family home, and silver should be one tenth. [Judith’s note, I can’t make those figures add up now, so I’m not sure what he was on about!]

His main thesis is that wealth is never destroyed, it is simply transferred and that the greatest transfer of wealth comes when gold and silver peak perform. Gold’s rise reflects the loss in purchasing power of the dollar/currency. Do not worry about volatility of pricing when you buy and hold, hold until they tell us to exit. Paper currency is fictional, gold and silver are real. Digital gold and silver is really easy to sell at the touch of a button which explains price volatility. Traders are not selling physical precious metals when they do that, but we are buying and holding physical stock of both.

[Judith’s note: Mike Maloney has gold hair, a gold tie and a gold and silver lapel badge.]

The $850 an ounce thirty year support/resistance line for gold is rock solid. Buy and hold real physical stock of precious metals and just be aware of the digital impact on prices, do not panic.

60% of silver is by-product of mining other metals such as zinc, copper and lead which are used in house-building and car manufacturing, the very things which in a global slowdown will cease or drastically reduce, thus restricting the supply of silver which will equal a price hike.  There was a gold runaway in early 1980 which nearly saw the end of the dollar, when Bunker Hunt flew to Switzerland. The Hunt brothers are often accused of causing the gold high of $850 but in fact at most they added 75c to the price, but they did cause the cap at $850. Along with Paul Volker of the Federal Reserve, the Hunt brothers are regarded as “opinion men”.

The public is shifting their preference to silver.   If gold is above the price of the median family home figures quoted above, then silver has a sell sign. If currencies fail, that’ll happen immediately.

Mike believes that eventually precious metals could be used as a digital currency via credit cards which instead of spending digital dollars will be spending tiny, tiny bits of gold and silver so you wouldn’t actually need to travel with your physical gold and silver on you!   Hmm, sounds like the same old problem to me? Not sure about that one.

Do not trust any of the following instead of buying real, physical gold and silver:

EFT (exchange traded funds). They are derivatives and thus Fools Gold. As are gold and silver funds, pool accounts (whatever they may be?) certificates, collector coins which are collectible first and gold second unless you know more about rare coins than the dealer, rare coins are useless in deflation, or mining stocks which are stocks first and gold second.

Every pullback (lowering) of the price of gold or silver is an opportunity to BUY MORE. Buy every month whatever you can afford using dollar/cost averaging which means simply that if you set aside a budget of say $250 each month, spend $250 and sometimes you will get more precious metal and sometimes less. It doesn’t matter, just buy.    Follow Chris Martensen too was another recommendation. Be well informed.

SUMMARY: Mike’s ultimate goal is not to hold gold, but to use it to buy real estate at the very bottom of the impending crash. If the middle classes do nothing to protect themselves, they will lose everything. He sees it not so much a matter of Protect N Survive but an opportunity to Protect N Thrive, i.e. clean up when everyone else is devastated.

Although he says he’s not a survivalist, this is what he recommends:

  • Buy into gold and silver now and continue to do so at every available opportunity until the top. You can do it via his site or not, he doesn’t care so long as you do it.
  • Put one month’s expenses in cash at home in a safe
  • Stockpile two months food
  • Get a generator
  • And whatever else you feel you need to look after you and yours (guns in USA are a constitutional right). Prepare for what’s coming.










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