This Week’s Joy Report

After a difficult weekend where I made the terrible mistake of reading far too much terrifying news online, after dark, in the big blue-white glare of my iPad, after the world political events of Friday 20th January 2017, things perked up yesterday.

Here are this week’s reasons to be cheerful:

Movies – Lion with Dev Patel (wonderful) and Jackie with Natalie Portman (wouldn’t have mattered to me if I had missed this one).

A client gave me a 20 percent pay rise, all of his own volition. Abundance incoming.

Three clients renewed for a full year’s work in advance with me, two of them early, all three of them unexpectedly. Delightful. More abundance incoming with almost every email at one point yesterday!

My niece sent me a tip for a book she thinks I might like to read. It’s called When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi and although the kindle sample was only the foreword which was written by somebody else (!), I have added it to my wish list. Her tip indicates that she knows me rather better than perhaps I had thought, which is lovely.

My website, which has either been down or without full functionality since 13th January, was finally restored to me today after ten or eleven days of extreme patience on my part, and on the part of Vasanth at the hosting company who was assisting me with the fix.

Good friends Emma and Marion who supported and cheered when requested so to do.

A very close family member came sailing through a second medical procedure since Christmas. How lucky are we that he has access to some of the UK’s finest doctors and so promptly too?

I made a lucky discovery that, providing you choose very carefully, sausages can beĀ low carb.

I did my accounts for the month-to-date. Yup, I know. Not everyone’s cup of tea in the joy stakes, but very satisfying to me. Finishing my accounts and having them up-to-date always makes me feel almost holy. With a small H.

I enjoyed a fascinating conversation on Facebook about the usage and meaning of the placement of a comma. Nerd alert! Again, I know, this wouldn’t gladden everyone’s heart. It gave me pause, along with another post shared by client Alison, to think about how to become even more of a guardian of my beloved English language. Alison advocates breaking the rules as often as we insist upon them somewhat pedantically at times. I agree.

Two members of my all-new I Love My Life coaching group shared some fabulous resources. Alice shared an episode of Desert Island Discs with surgeon David Nott. Warning: have a hanky ready. And Silke shared this post about The Universe Conspiring to Help us. So many favourite sentences in there, including “How will the miracle happen today?”

And last Friday’s BBC R4 News Quiz (20th January) was laugh-out-loud funny. It is always amusing and makes me smile, but there were several laugh-out-loud moments and that’s just not something you often do when watching and listening alone. Joyous laughter.


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