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Today’s blog guest is Wendy Kendall, creator of the Global Business Stars Academy. Wendy also features in my book Love the Boss available here for donation. Here’s Wendy in her own words:

Wendy.KendallMy name is Wendy Kendall and I am a business psychologist who helps people to have successful global careers after a move abroad. I am also a mother, wife, keen trail runner and horse rider, and a lame karaoke singer!

My business is called the Global Business Stars Academy, the most recent iteration of my global career development business. I started the company in late 2003 after I moved to Toulouse in France with my family. At the time, I had been working with the British Ministry of Defence as a psychologist for 7 years, helping soldiers and officers to train and fight more effectively. However, I knew that military psychology was already a specialised niche within a niche so it was important to me to branch out of that area or I risk getting typecast within that particular limited sector. We moved to France and I had the vague idea of ‘doing consultancy’. That’s where my learning journey into the nature of global careers really began.

My mission with the Global Business Stars Academy is to help people experience the freedom and security that comes with being able to successfully move their careers anywhere in the world. People and the companies they work for need to have that flexibility in order to tap into the flow of success and abundance that exists in the world. Even during the most recent and devastating financial crisis, the world’s wealth remained over a staggering $200 trillion, according to Credit Suisse estimations. Where did all that wealth go? It didn’t disappear after all!

Business WAS booming, still, in certain parts of the world. What happened is that the direction of the flow changed. If you can’t adapt to that flow, you can find your business or your career floundering, or feel, as I did towards the end of my time working as a military psychologist, as though I’d reached a career backwater. I needed to move, quite some distance as it turns out, to find an environment that would revitalize and transform the next stage of my career.

But what I learned on my journey, and what I’ve learned helping over 2500 people in their global careers over the last 11 years, is that the most common methods of supporting people making global career transitions don’t help them to create a career that’s even more rewarding than what they had at home. The ‘experts’ will tell you that they expect your career to languish for up to two years after you move abroad! They call it ‘the U shaped integration curve’. Who wants that??

I experienced this challenge early on after I launched my business, and when I worked with others in big companies experiencing the same thing. I knew something had to change! So I used my training as a behavioural sciences researcher to discover new methods for helping people to grow their careers after a move abroad and that’s how the Global Business Stars Academy was born.

The things I love best about working for myself are that I can harness my strengths and talents of creativity, innovation and love of people and use them to make a difference to people and companies. The biggest surprise has been how much I love businesses and the people that make them come alive. I love the fact that you, me, anyone, can have an idea, just a spark, and can shape that inspiration into something that delivers value to the rest of the world, and that sometimes those businesses can become global forces for freedom and value creation.

I always thought ‘business people’ were those cut-throat wheeler dealers who talked loudly on mobile telephones about their next big deal. Well, some are… but many, if not most, are creative, inspired people who are nurturing their ideas into grown-up businesses like parents nurture their children. Their businesses become a positive legacy that they bring into the world. I love that!

The biggest shock has been how long the gestation period for the Global Business Stars Academy has been! This idea began to form way back in 2007/2008 and I first bought the .com URL for the business one year ago. The website launched in January and I am STILL learning and growing so much every day as I get closer and closer to my clients and help them with their needs. I thought that launching this business would happen at one moment in time – like ‘woop woop, here it is!’ throw the doors open.

In fact, launching a business is like becoming a storyteller to a bigger and bigger audience, who ask questions and each question causes you to learn something new and causes new questions from your clients. There’s no such thing as ‘the launch’ – at least not as I imagined it. The business is growing organically into life, putting down roots, then sending out shoots and forming its blooms along the way. It’s this realisation that has caused most growth in me as a business owner. Now it’s my turn to nurture this new thing to life and success.

The thing I’m most looking forward to is launching my online global career mastermind group in September 2014. This is the fulfillment of over a year of work researching the very best way to help people all over the world to grow their global career. I’ve created a ‘syllabus’ for the year with the aim of helping my clients to reach the next level in their global career, whether that’s getting promoted to director or senior level or making a leap into a new industry or sector in a new country. I’m very excited about working with the leading experts who will be delivering webinars to the group too.

But most of all, the mastermind group is structured to be delivered and accessed from anywhere in the world, meaning for the first time, I will be able to deliver value to my clients while we’re all in the comfort of our own homes. Can’t wait for that!

Discover more about Wendy and the Global Business Stars Academy at Linkedin.

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