What Can Learning To Play Rich Dad’s Cashflow Game Teach You (About Your Business and Your Money?)

Yesterday was one of my regular Cashflow games, enhanced by a visit from Yvonne on holiday from her B&B in Champagne. Yvonne has a radical way of playing the game which she learned at a property group when she was investing and living in Manchester a while back.

We’d heard about her way and we wanted to try it. We all got out of the Rat Race following her system, perhaps faster than usual, but opinions and emotions were mixed.

So for our second game we played our more orthodox way, closer to the rules, and still achieved great, fast results because we are getting pretty adept at this now. And we noticed that towards the end, when four of us were out of the Rat Race, that we could borrow from Yvonne’s game and make our own unique hybrid which suited our team better.

And today, as we always do, we are analysing in emails what we each took away from the game. After having batted the ideas back and forth between us for a while this morning, Gill summarised our learning from yesterday and this morning as follows:

“So its really very simple ( as Louise Hay says). We simply do 3 things:

1.  Be the best we can be at whatever it is we have chosen to do (whether that is evaluating deals, bookkeeping, mystery shopping, forum theatre, making pizzas etc).

2.  Work at staying in the COOOEEEE vibe at all times.

3.  Align our COOOEEE vibe to our intention (life in the fast lane or whatever we intend bringing into our lives).

OK, off to meditate on that.”

What is the COOOEEE vibe all about , I hear you ask?

It’s a long story which I won’t go into here. The short version is that it’s shorthand for a happy, upbeat, attractive energy of intention, expectation and allowing. And that may not be to do it justice, so here’s what I suggest. When no-one’s looking or listening if you are an introvert, or to hell with them and all the better if you are an extrovert, try it. Try shouting COOOEEE in your garden, or up the street, or in the bank or outside the tube station. And let me know you get on, and particularly what you feel.

If you are anything like our Cashflow posse, I am imagining you all bursting out into spontaneous jolly laughter, smiling from ear to ear, which sets the tone for your game and for your day and for your life. Now you’re in the vibe to get out of the Rat Race.

If you are still struggling with money and would like to learn how to play this awesome, life-changing game invented by Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, and take the learning from the game and back into your real life and business in the company of your new Mastermind Team, then email me now. Games will take place on Wednesdays in my Abundance Shed in Streatham Hill (London SW2 4QB) and come with membership of a private online support group for the team and business mentoring/coaching thrown in by me. £97 per learning day (10-5), plan to commit to once a month for at least three months – September, October and November 2012 and be prepared to pay £291 in advance. Only room for 5-6 “players”. I do hope you’ll be one of them?

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