What Can We Learn From Playing Games?

My best friend from school, Leslie Scott, invented Jenga.   You have probably played it, you will almost certainly have heard about it.   I was Leslie’s accountant and you can read that story in Leslie’s book called About Jenga.

Leslie loves games.   Generally, I hate them but we don’t let it spoil our friendship!

I do love Jenga obviously, its fun.   And another one of hers is Ex Libris and I enjoy this even more and its for you especially if you love books and words.   Check out Leslie’s Oxford Games site for Ex Libris.

Educationalists would, I am sure, tell me about the learning benefits from games and historically I would yawn.   Yeah, right.

But Rich Dad’s Cashflow 101 game has changed my life.

I think it must work beyond Rich Dad’s wildest dreams.   There is something magical which happens when you play it and I know it teaches you things beyond just the mathematical learning about how to get out of the Rat Race by making investments.

The brilliant thing about Cashflow is that you can practise the things you are scared to do in real life in a safe virtual reality first in a fun and social environment of teamwork and encouragement.   It fosters learning about money and self-development in an incredible way.

Playing Cashflow for a year reinforced my same learnings over and over again before I was brave enough in real life to buy my first BTL property.   And it changed the way I work and make money.

It teaches how much farther and faster you can get by buddying up with others, by co-operating rather than competing.

It teaches you about “winning”, how important or not you make that in your life and whether coming second with more money feels less good to you than coming first with less, for example.

It teaches you how to set an intention, how to focus, how to get what you want, how to throw the dice accordingly.   Yup, you are probably thinking “yeah right” again, but it does, honest.   You will just have to trust me on that one…

…or you could come on down to Streatham Hill in London and I could teach you how to change your finances irrevocably for the better by playing a game, specifically Rich Dad’s Cashflow 101.

If you have always meant to do this, now’s the time.

I am running a series of three games on the fourth Wednesday of each month of September, October and November in 2012.   And I am looking for 5-6 people who want to play in all three games, as Rich Dad recommends. We have four confirmed so only two places left as I write.

You in?   JudithMorgan.com/Cashflow-101-Masterminds

What’s my favourite thing about playing Cashflow?   It’s when almost everyone sits down at my table the first time and says some version of “oh, I’m crap at maths, me” apologising in advance before going on to demonstrate anything but, some with calculators but often rubbing out the sums and doing them in their heads at lightning speed.

What are we like when it comes to self-deprecation?   You are probably a lot better at maths than you have ever allowed yourself to believe, anyone can play and love this game, even kids and teenagers and its never too soon to learn.

Or too late, for that matter.

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