What Do Boundaries Feel Like? Podcast Ep: 189

We are grateful to The Psychology Babes for sharing this image on Facebook. I let it slip past me then a colleague brought it to my attention a second time and I thought it would be worth making another podcast about boundaries since both Nicola and I still have issues from time to time, and so do our clients.

Who has boundaries cracked? Hands up! No, thought so. It’s something I think I have cracked then something pops up to remind me I’m not as clever as I think I am. Always worth re-visiting boundaries as there’s so much to learn and share.

I wonder which one(s) on this list you would pick for us to debate?

As luck would have it, Nicola has a living breathing example to share with me which is wonderful synchronicity and provides a good example for us to chew over.

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In other news, England have been winning in Russia, I’ve been organising for the bathroom to be blitz-cleaned, the neighbours are bringing round high-carb treats as a thank you, and I’m on the trail of a longer-term house sit which would be exciting and a wonderful way of contributing to a project which has my heart too.

Nicola and Sarah have their children out on holiday with them in Stoupa, albeit in another house.  And Nicola got their holiday off to a good start by organising a surprise 60th celebration for her pal Steph which involved making a pasta bake for 40 and getting hot and bothered in 30 degrees. I bet.

N is running a 21-Day Challenge which started on 2nd July and although fewer people are playing along, they are more involved than the previous longer challenge and she is pleased that she has quite a lot of the process all organised. She teaches me also that it is possible to archive a Facebook Group instead of deleting it which means you can resuscitate it later – who knew? Useful tip.

I’m working my way through a coachy-type book with Marion which we know will benefit ourselves AND our clients, and I promise to share when we get to the end. Clients will start noticing it’s impact before then, you have been warned!

Our words of the week are Family (hers) and Reading (mine), that’s reading books not the place where you alight here for Heathrow Airport.

Our main project update is that we have decided not to podcast during August. I am not writing a book this year either. We are both taking the month off (a first for Nicola) and I missed doing it last year so am intent upon getting some decent R&R this year. There will be exceptions, of course.

Who or what’s impressed us? Nicola’s mentor Rich Schefren has come out of retirement and I celebrate the NHS’ 70th birthday on the day of our recording, 5th July. I am very impressed by Cristina and Mariama who achieved a legal #LGBT precedent at the Administrative Court in Sofia, Bulgaria, where same-sex marriage was not previously recognised. They have pioneered the right to reside in Bulgaria for same-sex couples. Wow! 

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