What Does A Business Coach Actually Do?

Worldwide Customer SupportWhat does a Business Coach actually do? I can’t speak for the others, but here’s what I do.

1. Give you a damn good listening to so that you can work out what you most want to do and be in the world, especially in regard to your business and how that business will support the life you want to live and enjoy. Do that each and every time what you want changes, for whatever reason.

2. Share my thirty seven years’ experience of doing that for myself and how I’ve seen that work not only for me in my own businesses but also with thousands of clients I have worked with firstly as an accountant in private practice and latterly as an entrepreneur coach. The aim here is to teach you so it can be faster and easier for you than it was for me, working it all out as I went along.

3. Use my coaching tools and twenty one years’ experience of personal development to support you when the going gets tough, especially on the emotional side of things.

4. Put a community around you of other self-employed like minds and lovelies who are doing it too so that you can see that you are “normal” to the extent that any entrepreneur wants to be normal (i.e. not, mostly) but so you can see proof of it working with others, and they can share their wisdom, successes, failures and experiences too. We are stronger than the sum of our parts. They inspire you too, and you them.

5. Connect you to people and resources and opportunities that I read, notice and study now, keeping my advice and information and thinking bang up to date as other entrepreneurs and business owners  invent new ways of doing things which are cool and sexy, contemporary and just better. I can sort the wheat from the chaff. No nonsense gets past me.

6. Look out for opportunities and synchronicities for you, always with a view to tipping you forward into success effortlessly or at least keeping you accountable to your dreams and desires and goals.

7. Brainstorm ideas with you, get you unstuck, answer requests from  you for opinions and options by email pretty much 24/7, except on Sundays.

I’m sure there’s loads more but if you want to try any or all of those, why not simply book yourself in for one of my free discovery calls: Entrepreneur of the Day? My intention in these calls is to find out about you and about your business and to offer you a flavour of what working with me would be like. There’s no hard sell, no sell at all in fact. And the brilliant thing is that, whatever you decide, I know I offer the most terrific value for money business coaching around at between £50 and £200 pcm according to your purse. [Coaching should be a bit of a financial stretch for you, otherwise you have no skin in the deal and no urgency or sense that you need to make it work.]

Your Biz Your Way

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