What Happens When Two Coaches Get Together?

Marie TaylorYesterday I went to spend the afternoon with fellow coach, Marie Taylor.  Marie has been a friend since 2004 when we met at a coaching event in Marble Arch led by Chris Barrow who briefly flirted with the idea of coaching coaches. It was the same day I met Marion Ryan and the same day I fell down the icy steps on our way to lunch and seriously injured my arm and made my white winter duvet coach rather grubby; not a good look when you are meeting new friends and hoping to influence people!

Still, our friendship has grown over the years and we have sometimes done coaching swaps but yesterday was just a social catch-up. What do we do when we get together?

We catch up on all the news about mutual friends, clients and colleagues we have collected over those last nine years. What’s so-and-so doing now? And we come up with ideas and connections which we think might be useful to one another and to those people on that list of contacts and business introductions and creative thinking which might move their lives and businesses forward.  And we discuss our favourite inspirational gurus and what they are up to now. Marie had taken a couple of her clients to the Hay House I Can Do It Event 2013 and shared that her current favourite is Caroline Myss.

We share our hopes and dreams for our lives now and our goals. Marie has just turned 50 and celebrated it in Portugal with some school friends she has known since she was five years old. And she has another upcoming celebration in Sri Lanka before Christmas with her sister and yet a third overseas trip planned in celebration of her half century to Sedona next year.

Marie has very specific financial plans for the next five years and I told her I was on the lookout for a new business opportunity for myself, alongside my existing coaching not instead of it and I shall write more about that here soon.

I made Marie some green juice for her lunch (she’d just got back from the gym) – spinach, apple, lemon, ginger, cucumber, courgette and celery. We drank quite a lot of it which is all to the good and as I’d had beetroot juice for breakfast, it was a pretty juicy day all round.

The traffic to and from her house was blissfully easy which was a good omen that we were doing the right thing in taking off a Monday afternoon to focus on ourselves and we ended as we often do by pulling a few tarot cards, both of us are bright intelligent women who also love a bit of woo woo. Readings were good.

Marie’s got a video of herself giving a keynote in Wales earlier in the year which you might like to watch if you are interested in leadership. It’s called The Resilient Leader.  She does a lot of work with the Enneagram and helping people in organisations to self-reflect and understand themselves. Marie says “the only person we can ever change is ourselves and therefore self-reflection is the key to understanding most things in life”.

Read more about my coaching pal Marie at her own website: MarieTaylorConsulting.com.

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