What Is An Entrepreneur And Why Do I Love Them?

Do you consider yourself to be an entrepreneur?

One of the ways clients illustrate to me that they are an entrepreneur is when they start talking about all the ideas they have.   They’ve got so many good ideas for a business, but they have no idea how to begin to make any money. Oh dear.

My job is then to persuade them to pick the best one and run with that.   And we work together to calculate which is their best idea.   I want entrepreneurs to show me the money.   Where is the nearest money?   Which of your ideas will make you the most money, most easily, quickly and allow you the most fun?

I watch for small business owners saying things like “well, this is a good idea, but I’m not interested in it much”.   And it often is a good idea to which we might return one day once they have got their overheads covered from the nearest money.

No good business idea need ever be lost.   Write them down and save them for later.

And these ”save for later” ideas can sometimes be the most profitable businesses simply because they don’t engage the ego, because then we can achieve a distance which allows perspective.

We can choose to disengage or sack our inner perfectionist/controller from being the boss in these ones.

But mainly I’m on the lookout for expressions such as “what I’m really passionate about is…” and “everyone I know is always calling me up and picking my brains about…” and then I know we’re onto something.   The marketplace already wants to buy from my client.

This can be quite a painful place to be if you have lots of ideas since you have no idea where to start, you are not taking action solidly in any one direction and the wolves are advancing, getting closer to the front door.   Your savings/redundancy are draining away faster than you imagined. Maybe you are starting to feel a bit frightened now and you know that will repel rather than attract the outcomes you want.

The brilliant idea you had for a great little business is losing a little of its attractive shine.

Still, nil desperandum, as I like to say… nothing like a bit of pain to motivate us to DO something!

Are you starting to recognise yourself in this description?

If so, you will want to know that I am available on Skype for a Consultation or an Abundance Call, both of which seek to alleviate the needless pain that self-employed and small business people can suffer when working for themsleves, creating their own opportunities for income, and profit.

That’s why I love self-employed people, really – because we are so brave and self-reliant.

And that’s my mission, simply to be of service to our world-changing gang of entrepreneurs, small business owners and the self-employed. I firmly believe we are the future.

Your Biz Your Way

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