What Price Education: Podcast Ep 176

What price a university education in 2018 in an era when information is free?

Inspired by a post I saw on Facebook from Erica Blair, Nicola and I debate something I already know we agree on, whether or not to get into lifelong student debt for yourself/your kids in an era when information is free. Erica brings up YouTube and iTunes U, and I bring up James Altucher and Nicola Gary Vee. We are both lifelong learners and have paid for that too, and the conversation segues into what Nicola paid this week to sort her Facebook Ads problem and what she learned, see below.

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In other news, I moved house on Good Friday through biblical rain and initially it didn’t go well. Nicola also had trials over the Easter weekend – with her FB Ads account.

Once I got back to work after the move and a day lost to a power cut, my fire was fuelled by a great consultation with a PWYW client which went really well and cheered me up to be able to be helpful again. I was also generously rewarded for my time and expertise, icing on my (low-carb) cake.

Nicola’s found an alternative at JVZoo to her Affiliate Marketing Training product to which she likes to refer her clients, and it sorts out her erstwhile cashflow problem in that they pay commissions immediately.

Our words of the week, given our Easter weekend experiences, are Patience (hers) and Adaptable (mine)

I’ve finished posting up all my 52 guest blogfest stories but still have the audio and the newsletters to do. I’m behind with the 90-day Creating the Impossible project because my challenge proved a little bit more impossible than even I had anticipated! But I’ve had a gratifying and compensating flurry of book sales at Amazon over the bank holiday weekend with 10 print copies sold in 48 hours, plus a few Kindle sales too. But not before five or six people had bought digital copies erroneously at Selz, obliging me to make refunds. Numbers at Amazon would suggest they are as good as their word and bought print copies instead.

Nicola reports that Sarah has switched over our Own It! domain to Radio Public and other changes arising, including whether and how to strip out the ads from previous popular shows to meet RP’s monetisation rules. Perhaps we shall decide to pay for that to be done for us, or maybe Nicola will start by doing our most popular shows.

Nicola is impressed by a book called Get Account Back by Dan Henry, the $47 solution to her FB problem, and also by the Albanian cleaning ladies she sees spring cleaning the holiday properties near where she lives, in anticipation of the Greek holiday season. And I’ve been to visit a poorly friend and am impressed by her recovery and other manifestations in her life which appear to be nothing short of miraculous. I love a miracle, me.

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