What’s Driving You?

It’s been lovely to get feedback from the first of the three free videos I’ve produced for you this week. I hope you’ll find them helpful for delving into what you really, really want, what’s stopping you going for it, what’s driving you and the   support you might need to not just dream and desire, but to actually take action and go for your goals, accomplish your   ambitions in 2013.

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Today’s video is about what’s driving you – your ‘why’. There’s a choice of two exercises. Why not indulge in some time out for you, grab a cuppa and a notepad and pen, retreat to your favourite spot and do both? They won’t take long and I think you’ll find them fun.

I hear so many people tell me how ill health, family needs, fear or finances have stopped them working towards the life they really want – and yet, with just a nudge in the right direction and a small commitment of time and energy on your part, I know YOU CAN truly implement the changes that make all the difference.

You are worth it – worth investing a small amount of time to think entirely and completely about you, what you want and why, worth revisiting and refreshing your dreams and desires, worth summoning up your courage and walking towards what you want, rather than drifting away from it.

I want you to be fulfilled, not frustrated, so I hope this is the nudge you need!

Get my second free video & exercises here

Do please try the exercises and let me have your feedback – just leave a comment or question in the comment box and I promise to reply.

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