What’s February Been About So Far?

Tooting_common_bench_240x320 Coaching clients and colleagues, despite it being my intention to pull back on that sort of work.

Sorting out a big backlog of Cartel paperwork, all glitches, clients (myself included) waiting to find various bits and bobs of paperwork, necessitating visits to Earls Court and Mill Hill.   Growing the team.

Working with Mike & John to bring the Creative Entrepreneurs Club up to speed.

Copying with a snowy car accident and managing in my “courtesy” car – a Fiat Punto. The only way I know its my car is that it doesn’t have any hub caps, just big heavy doors which swing back on your legs as you get out, that’s the trouble with a 3-door car, I had forgotten.   Don’t get me wrong, for my courtesy car and my protected No Claims Discount, I am very grateful. Tap, tap, tap.

Interviewing Peter Stanley over at The Money Gym, he’s my first speaker on Property Extravaganza day on 21st March.   Negotiating with all the speakers to give me some wonderful prizes for our raffle, setting up webinars with each of them, liaising with the venue, marketing the gig, creating the sales letter, mind-mapping the event and tapping on it.

Using my new emwave machine to relax, not very successfully yesterday and today.   Must try harder; ironically that won’t work.

Helping an LA-based friend of a friend, very exciting that one.   Just been offered a holiday there as a reward!   It was so easy and enjoyable – just reaching out to third parties who could help and connecting folks.   I LOVE to do that.

Lunching my mortgage broker who introduced me to something she calls the electronic tonic; when you wear it round your neck it balances you.   Her somewhat sceptical husband wore it for a day and pronounced himself unable to feel gloomy.   Imagine what it will do for me – I NEVER feel gloomy.   I should launch into orbit.   Mind you, if it balances you…will it bring me (unacceptably) back down to earth?

Fielding calls from all sorts of “strangers”, at least two referred kindly by Julian Sonessa, who want to get into Lease Options or join my Cartel team.

Going to Basildon for more Harlequin training with Bianca, Kevin and Christian – we had to get there for 0830 which necessitated another 5 a.m. start.   Commissioning my own white label Caribbean website and beginning to blog on it – drawing the dream ever nearer.

Being Sunday-lunched in Chislehurst, Kent with my old friends from my day job (two years out on 28th Feb) and entertaining Lizzie & Marie at home here.

Running a Cashflow game which was THE most enormous fun.

Doing the Money Gym accounts (needed doing but this was just an avoidance tactic instead of the real job in hand).   Noticing that whereas clients used to come to me from the Money Gym, now my clients are joining the Money Gym – via tapping events, Cashflow games and the Property Day.

Going to see Vicky Christina Barcelona and loving it.   Best Woody Allen film for YEARS.   Run to see it, infectious music and a lovely mellow July/August in Europe vibe going on.

Going to my solicitor’s house for supper so he could teach me and my best friend how to play poker.

Getting very, very excited about a visit to Lincoln on Thursday upcoming to find out more about a Unique property offering which I shall be introducing my clients to on 21st March.   This will enable us to build an awesome property investment globally where our surprisingly low capital investment is guaranteed.

Starting to create a garden at Streatham Hill, just foundations at the moment, tree surgery and garden paths, but blossoms will definitely follow.   I see pink climbing roses and enormous hydrangea bushes in that old red colour Jane had at her Cornish wedding in 2001.

And anticipating a visit on Saturday to Stewart Pearce for my annual psychic MoT.

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