What’s In A Blog?

I love my blog. I love to blog. And it’s one of my plans in 2012 to blog more. Is that you too?

Blogging works and so many of us have good intentions to blog better, to blog more often and to blog more regularly.  I am investigating creating a resource around that, to help and support and encourage bloggers to blog daily Monday-Friday and to guest blog on a central project at least once a week.

Does that sound like something you would like to be involved with? If so, do please let me know by leaving me a comment or contacting me using the Want To Get In Touch link over there in the right-hand margin.

I’d like to create a community of bloggers. Yes, I know it’s been done before and it’s not unique, but that’s not my goal. It’s to blog more often myself and in so doing to become a better writer over the years and to help and support and encourage you to do the same. And to create a body of work online of which we can both be proud. Who knows where that might lead?

Let me know if you’d be interested in riding along and co-creating a blogger’s resource and I’ll be in touch.

Who are your favourite bloggers? Do leave a link please.

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8 Responses to “What’s In A Blog?”

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Hi Allison

    Thanks so much for sharing about Stephen Mills


  2. Judith Morgan says:

    Hi Jan
    How lovely to hear from you and see your smiling face on that nice-looking blog of yours.



  3. Judith Morgan says:

    I’m just remembering too, B, that one we both read and the moment and I love is the Altucher Confidential: http://www.jamesaltucher.com


  4. Jan says:

    Hi Judith
    I’ve loved blogging from the first moment I realised I could say, do anything as the whim takes me. Nicola taught me the value of blogging on a regular basis and I’m still going (thanks Nicola). I’d love to be part of your blogging community.
    I love your blog, so very happy that you will be writing more posts.
    I dip in and out of other blogs but one I like is http://www.learntarotonline.com/tarot-blog where you can also access a free tarot reading page.
    I also like Steve Watson’s for wordrpress tips http://www.stevewatsononline.com/category/blogging.
    Lastly I always read Michael Neills http://www.supercoach.com/blog/ which usually gets sent as a weekly tip. Where do I stop! Reading blogs is inspirational – does it get any better? – Jan x

  5. Bianca Tait says:

    I love reading Charlie Brooker’s blogs! He writes well, is very interesting and makes me laugh, essential ingredients to holding my interest.


  6. Allison says:

    Hi both
    Nicola – love to know more about the Brighton Jazz Festival as it takes shape
    Judith – I would love to be involved in your blogging community. I’m looking to start blogging again and bringing some focus to all of my internet and social media activities.
    My favourite blog is Stephen Mills – http://www.ratracetrap.com/


  7. Judith Morgan says:

    Dear Nicola

    Thankyou so much for this. Of all the people I have asked so far this week, yours is the most comprehensive reply! Can I get a link to your new blog or is it too soon? I too love the idea of creating a book out of a blog, it is something I’ve done before and will do again. Music is right in the centre of your interest and authenticity based on past experience so this is a genuis idea for you. Congrats on that.

    As you will know, I am incubating my own genius idea around blogging. I will keep you in the loop as I shall be looking for committed bloggers and you are definitely one of those, indeed it was you who taught me to do it!


  8. Nicola Cairncross says:

    Hi Judith, awake early I see!!

    I love blogging as you know and have just started a new one, to record my progress in launching Brighton’s first Jazz Festival, to promote the event and which will turn into a book one day – working title – “How To Start A Music Festival From Scratch”

    My favourite blogs are Yaro Starack’s entrepreneurs-journey.com, Pat Flynn’s SmartPassiveIncome.com, Glen Allsopp’s Viperchill.com, your own of course and Marion’s woefully neglected WryVita.com among
    many others. Couldn’t make them links as your comment box wouldn’t allow it.

    I get inspiration, tips and a boot up the bum by good blogs.

    Cheers, Nicola

    I get inspiration, encouragement, techie tips and a boot up the bum from good blogs…

    Cheers, Nicola