What’s in My Current Notebook?

notebookMy December/January notebook is described by Amazon as an A5 soft touch notebook in neon pink. I’ve had it in my stash for most of 2016 and decided to spoil myself and use it for December!

I often review what’s in my notebooks, especially just before I move on to the next one. I don’t save the old ones for very long as I mostly write notes in them of my calls with clients, simply as a comprehension aid at the time. I do go through the content before throwing the current notebook away and starting a new one.

I’m less than half way through this one, largely I think because we’ve been on holiday for most of the last three weeks! I rotate the colours of the books so I will know which is my current one – fast. I’m colour-coded.

Here’s what’s in my current notebook:

The first page is always my Skype-in number, so I don’t forget it and know where to look for it quickly ‘cos it’s always in the same place.

Then there are client notes from my 1-2-1 Skype meetings, and the notes from the drop-in calls with Small Business Big Magic because I make a synopsis of these in the SBBM Facebook Group so that people who were not there live know whether or not to make time to listen to the recording later.

A list of 2017 Bank Holidays in the UK so I could put them manually into Outlook. The calendar on my iPad does this automatically. Why don’t both things behave the same I wonder but not enough to find the fix since I quite enjoy this task and it only takes seconds once a year and obliges me to think about things such as booking time off in my online calendar.

A list of the names of all of my clients in both groups and their word I created for each of them in a newsletter and blog in early December. What’s Your Word?

Menu planning and shopping lists for my low carb eating plan and variances to it due to it being Christmas. Entitled “carby things” this second group lists carrots, dates, clementines, parships, sprouts, pigs in blankets, potatoes, bread sauce, gravy and stuffing. I ate all of those and still managed to lose weight so all good and today, as I write this, I feel absolutely FANTASTIC!

A list of blog topics and notes for posts I intend to write so I don’t forget some of the details of the content.

Reminder tot-up of current monthly business outgoings.

Things I want to remember to experiment with watching in iPlayer/Netflix and the language they are in – Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, French, Finnish and Icelandic! Sub-titles means I must single task which is a good discipline. Otherwise I tend to watch telly online while doing emails and Facebook at the same time. Not good. Note to self to pack that in. Pronto.

A list of busy jobs I was going to do on my holidays. Only four out of nine completed which, for me, is A Good Thing. R & R achieved.

Back-of-an-envelope type calculations where it helps to see it written down.

Intentions and I AMs.

Blog schedule for Monday-Friday during December and January excluding Bank Holidays, and the same for the three newsletters leading up to and during the holiday break. I don’t normally do this. It’s a departure for me, caused by having several blogs in draft for future publication and needing to see each week how many need writing and what’s the best order to publish them in.

A list of time zones for UK, Europe, my Caribbean island and my clients in USA and Oz/NZ.

Thoughts about becoming an app (I’ve changed my mind now!).

2017 goals, hopes, dreams and intentions.

Short-term fixes in the event I keep my London home, and calculations about how low I could get my outgoings if I decide to keep it and go travelling -v- renting it out while I travel.

Podcast notes for the Xmas and New Year editions of the show which were a review of 2016 and a plan for the upcoming year.

Films to see in January and February, before the Oscars, all twelve of them (!) together with a list of nine I can watch already because they have been released in the UK. Only one of those done during Xmas hols, Captain Fantastic with Viggo Mortensen. Recommended.

Changes I intended to make to my website, and indeed made.

Sums various.

A skeleton plan of what I was going to do on each of the eighteen days of my holiday. Most of these only had one thing against them, a person’s name, or a task, and if nothing needed doing that day it says simply R&R (my fave).

A list of Strictly winners 2008-2016 so I could see how often my faves won, only four times in nine years. Sob.

A fabulous quote from the best TV programme I watched over the holidays, so good I could watch it again. Alan Bennett’s Diaries. On for about another two weeks – quick! The quote is:

The most a writer can hope from a reader is that he or she should think “here is somebody who knows what it is like to be me”.

Sigh. Of beauty and simplicity and truth.

Carb quotas and list of zero carbs.

Turkey dinner cooking and planning notes including oven timings and temperatures. It is the one day in the year when I yearn for a double oven.

Ideas for a book I am not now intending to write, though it is still a good idea!

Answers to University Challenge questions (and scores) from the Christmas alumni series, the only one I bother with. Some of the answers are Taiwan, Jutland, Mark Gatiss, Natalie Wood, Deborah Kerr and Audrey Hepburn. You can see my specialist subjects!

A list of things to promote. I write this list often. Then forget to implement it in the way I always intend, i.e. every day.

A list of the things I had ordered from Amazon, Nespresso and Yodel, so that I could tick them all off as they arrive and make sure I was in for the deliveries and that none went astray. What’s that you are saying? Rententive? OCD? Moi?

A list of friends I saw over Christmas so I didn’t forget when I was writing to other friends with news, and telling tales to Nicola on this week’s and next week’s podcasts.

Descriptive words about how I want to feel in 2017.

Notes re the new coaching group I am thinking about launching next week.

A calculation of the costs of holiday car hire. In case.

That’s it – so far. What’s in your notebook?

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