What’s Knocked You Off Your Certainty?

During my conversation with E, she reminded me of a couple of things which affect a lot of my clients, especially newbies but not exclusively so as you will read in her own story.
The first one was that she felt she had lost her way, her niche, her focus.
Actually when she told me about herself and her four decades of experience in her profession and the results she’s achieved and her high profile in syndicated columns and having been a talk show host, and particularly about her best clients, those who are still with her after many years and appreciate her and pay her easily, it was so obvious to me what her genius is.
And I got her to see that and agree it and feel the truth and the goosebumps. We both felt the goosebumps. That’s the second week running this newsletter has been about goosebumps.
BUT what had knocked her off her certainty? A couple of little personal issues, for sure. The sort we all go through in our lives, impact not to be underestimated. The net result of those personal knocks was that her business had suffered for quite a while. She’s a woman of my own age, and I know the cruel knocks of life which come a-calling from time to time.
But I would lay the blame at the door of experts. In seeking to bring her business back up to date and full strength now, my client had allowed herself to be bamboozled by experts telling her that for marketing purposes she needed to select a niche (after all these decades) whereas my client has the skillset to be all things to all people. Yep, I know that one. She didn’t want to cut herself off from anyone she could help by specialising. And if she were a newbie I might agree with that concept. Maybe. Perhaps.
This is a terrible conundrum and it causes a loss of certainty in our talents, and the underpinning crumbles and then suddenly we find we no longer know who we are despite the evidence right under our noses. Should I choose that niche or this? X looks sensible and attractive and “now” but people struggle to pay her for X. Whereas her long-standing loyal clients, who pay her for Y, do not struggle to pay, they do so happily and they stick with her, regarding her as an ally, an essential life asset to have on their side. To me, that’s a Big Sign from the Big U right there in plain sight.
Was she bored with them I wondered? No. Good! Then why have you allowed yourself to be distracted from focusing on them? That’s where the distracting experts had come into the equation, she even named a few.
She explained a couple of issues which I felt could be soon sorted, including a website which reflected this confusion about who she is and who she best serves in 2017. There are cost implications to that and time delays, but she has a fan base already on Facebook and we could lose the scattered focus there and speak to the fans as soon as today, as changes to a Page are easily and speedily made and it is a website by another name, until you have what you want on your real website. Don’t allow that delay to put you off getting straight to work, be an entrepreneur and harness the workaround.
Then she said to me “Will I have to do webinars?” This is such a funny question, funny ha ha I mean, not funny peculiar. Who on earth HAS to do webinars! Not me, for starters. I don’t go to them, I don’t learn from them, I don’t like them, I don’t buy from them and so I don’t use them to sell anything. But if you do, then FILL. YOUR. BOOTS.

Sell as you buy. That’s always my watchword.

What do you like to consume before you make a decision to buy a product or service? And how do you like to consume that information? It is fair to assume your ideal clients will like to consume content created by you in the same way, and there are so many that do that you might as well speak to them in ways you enjoy, not force yourself to do it in ways you do not relish.
Dread = Don’t. Enthusiasm, possibility, curiosity, excitement, preparedness to have a go = Do it!
What do you think you would actually love to do as a way of telling the world about you and how you can help? Don’t forget this woman is a columnist of some repute and has been a talk show host too so we know she can write and talk.
I think she can probably also do Facebook Lives. She is starry, she does look good (although that’s by no means a requirement) and I got the sense she felt she could do that. We also discussed podcasting though again not straight away as it is, for now, a resource and tech bridge too far.
If something feels wrong for you, then it’s wrong. What could feel right? Do that instead, trust yourself to make that decision for yourself and just do what feels good.
Experts had helped my new USA friend to get herself into a lot of confusing hot water of uncertainty and indecision. And she’d allowed it.
But we can unbundle all of this for ourselves, with or without my help, permission and clarity.
  • Who are you?
  • What does the world already appreciate about you and pay you for?
  • How would you like to draw new and more people to you for that?

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