What’s the Point of Blogging in 2018? Podcast Ep 187

  • Given up on blogging?
  • What’s the point of blogging in 2018?
  • Has social media superceded the case for blogging?

I love blogging and I am subscribed to the feeds of all my clients who blog but I’ve noticed they’ve stopped. Blogging, that is.

A year or so ago I would have given them a good nagging but, this time, before I did that, I thought I’d check in with Nicola and get her latest thinking on the point of blogging in 2018.

The answers are the same as they ever were – free traffic, visibility, know, like and trust – but she does have a few wrinkles about how we can create constantly updated relevant content on our websites and score points with the search engines by doing that without necessarily starting out with the written word, which is handy for you video and audio fans.

And it’s good news for those of us who still love words too.

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In other news, the show is recorded on 21st June the day of the Summer Solstice and I attempt to blow Nicola’s mind (she’s not impressed!) with a few daylight stats of my own. I tell her I’ve been out and about enjoying posh pubs in pretty villages and that I am falling in love with Wiltshire (not Somerset). She tells me about the significance and poignancy of Solstice Day in her own life, having her brains picked by Jeremy, and we both talk about the bittersweet experience of ending up with client relationships when that day comes.

Conversation turns to IGTV, vertical video on Instagram which can now last as long as 60 minutes if you wish. I don’t wish but Nicola most definitely does and will be able to use the new tech to re-purpose existing content, alongside her latest enthusiasm for Alexa Skills which is, of course, audio.

Our Words of the Week are Thinking (me) and Treacle (her) as in wading through.

My Project Updates include thoughts about my Will though I have no plans to die for another forty years or so, and Nicola remembers how much she loves selling things. Those two thoughts are not connected!

Finally we have enjoyed Escape to the Chateau DIY (C4), Million Dollar Menu (BBC) and The Staircase (Netflix) on TV. And I have found a good news story to share, the one about Jose Andres a Spanish American chef who fed the hungry in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017.

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