What’s Your Definition Of Success?

Q: What would have to happen in your day today for you to go home tonight and feel you had been successful?

Q: What would have to happen in your world for you to consider yourself successful by the time you reach your next significant birthday?

Q: What would have to happen in your life for you to to be peaceful on your deathbed, knowing you had enjoyed a successful life?

A: For me to go home happy tonight I would have to have touched one person’s life and made a difference.

A: To consider myself successful by my next significant birthday I would need to be living on my happy Caribbean island with plans to stay there for a decade or so learning French and how to sail, renting out my lovely home to guests, listening to the sea and to my soul and writing.

A: To regard myself as successful on my deathbed, I would need to know that I had done all that I could with all that I had and not to have under-utilised any gift, skill or opportunity that came my way through fear or laziness or being too busy to notice what – and who – is important.

In order to be more successful on my own terms my intention is to live ever more consciously and enjoy more peace, my enduring goal.

How does your business support you in embracing your own personal definition of success?


Your Biz Your Way

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