When I Like You on Facebook

Facebook LikeYesterday I wrote about how I use Facebook for my business. And today, in a related follow-up piece, I am sharing what it means when I Like something of yours on Facebook, ‘cos there’s an almost infinite number of reasons why I might do that. Here’s just a handful:

When I Like something of yours on Facebook, I am saying some or all of the following.

  • I’ve seen this.
  • I’ve read this.
  • I acknowledge this.
  • I am grateful to you for sharing this.
  • I am glad I am in your life and can see what’s going on with you and yours.
  • I appreciate your pets, your babies, your recipes, your photos, your optimism and your humour.
  • I acknowledge what you are going through even if I don’t like it (as it were).
  • I enjoy following your adventures and being part of your news.
  • Like doesn’t always mean like literally, not for the bereavement and bad news ones, but it often means so much more. It means I am with you and I am happy that Facebook makes that easy for us.

I don’t use the Like button lightly but happily I am a person who mostly Likes things and is provided with plenty to Like, and for that I am grateful.


This post was first shared on Facebook earlier this year and was appreciated by many. Thanks to those who Liked and commented and shared.

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