Where Can Entrepreneurs Get Affordable Small Business Advice?

people worldClub 100 is nearly full up and I am closing the doors and creating a waiting list. So, how can I help small business owners, solopreneurs and start-ups in other ways?

I am creating a new group called Small Business Big Magic where everything is done within a group. This allows me more time to serve more people at a price you can easily afford – £50 per month.

Small Biz Big Magic will include:

1. Several Live VOIP conference calls each week where you can join the conversation and talk about your business, pick my brains and learn from listening to me working with other small business owners just like you. This will mean 60-90 minutes a couple of times a week at different times of the day, morning coffee with Judith, afternoon tea with me, lunch with JM and maybe even one at weekends, Saturday brunch anyone? Capacity will increase with membership numbers so everyone has a chance to talk and work within the group environment as often as you need.

These calls will be for members only and you will get to know your fellow business owners and entrepreneurs so need have no concerns about their listening to you talk. This is how we all learn, from others, their ideas, successes and failures. Join in live with as many or as few as you like, as they fit in with your schedule. Calls are recorded so you can listen again.

2. A private Facebook group for members to meet and play and connect with each other, again a place to share ideas. I won’t get a chance to interact much on there, so there will also be a private Google Group called Ask Judith where you can email in your questions. This will build into a searchable repository of Q & A where anyone can write in but only I can answer. Share your wisdom on Facebook and I will share mine within the Google Group.

3. Each member will start with to a 1-2-1 induction call with me on Skype worth £200. This will enable me to get to know you and your business and your plans and dreams so that when we are connecting in the group calls, I shall know who you are and be able to introduce you to other members who can help you, or where I feel there is synergy. Stay as long as you derive benefit from SBBM.

4. Want some extra personal and private 1-2-1 time with me? I am offering a HUGE 75% discount for members of the Small Biz Big Magic group. Think of me as your business coach on tap who you retain at only £50 per month. Pick my brains as often as you like. You will have my Skype details so you will be able to nudge me in the chat box any time for a quick bit of additional just-in-time help/advice or recommendation to the appropriate resource.

5. Additionally there will be fun and prizes where you can win:

  • a free 1-2-1 hour with me (Judith) worth £200
  • an Amazon voucher for £100
  • get your month’s membership fee rebated worth £50, or
  • receive a Kiva Card for $25

The price of membership must rise with numbers so the earlier you join the keener the price you’ll secure for yourself. And once you are a member, the rate you pay will be yours for life.

Join at £50 pcm? Stay at that price for as long as you are member.

Drop out and drop back in? Pay the prevailing rate each time you re-join.

If you would like to be one of the early birds, part of the R&D team, then let’s get going!

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Hi Bob, Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting. According to xe.com, today £50 = approx $83.
    Check out this page: https://judithmorgan.com/free-business-advice/ and either email me your long story, or connect with me on Facebook so we can discuss that or book yourself in for one of my free Entrepreneur of the Day sessions remembering that my online diary offers timed slots in GMT so that could be anything between 5 and 8 hours behind depending on where you are in the USA. Google “time in London” and you will get that answer.
    Hope to hear more from you soon.

  2. Robert says:

    Not sure how much that is in USD, Judith.

    I have less than a shoestring budget, bit of a long story.