Growing Your Business Via Marketing: Who Can You Help Today?

Blowing-Your-Own-Trumpet-150x150A prospective client asked me how long I thought it would take for her to achieve her goals if she were to undertake coaching with me. The answer to this question is how long is a piece of string but I said, rather wisely, as it turns out she has been able to make lots of use of this thought: “My gut feel is it depends how long you resist what most needs doing to move your business forward. What has worked dynamically for you in the past and how can you do more of it? May I suggest you stop resisting that and start doing more of it now?” Or words to that effect.

My client found this quite provocative and, after pausing awhile to reflect, she set to immediately to implement some of the things that came to mind for her. She reported good results, gratifyingly. I found this exchange rather useful for myself too. All my lovely clients teach or remind me something about me and my own business.

What am I most resisting that needs doing to move my business forward?   Right now, it’s marketing. I’ve no idea why, as normally there’s nothing I like better than marketing and as I coached someone else about growing their own practice, I immediately noticed myself starting to take the recommended actions too, all to good effect.

Networking, public speaking, running workshops and seminars, free coaching calls (these people are my ambassadors spreading the word in the world once they have had a taste first-hand of working with me), writing articles and getting them published, blogging, writing an ebook, social media marketing, offering special promotions, creating a local business group, meeting people, making contacts, becoming known in my local and global community for what I offer.

The marketing choices are many. It’s quite a list and there’s no need to do them all, just pick two or three which you know you can do and do regularly; that’s the key – repetition is the mother of all learning. There are many more choices besides but I know a couple of them will fit right in with your own loves and your schedule. I help my clients to find something they really enjoy doing which can be adapted to become marketing for their own business. Even if you only pick one and do it often enough and measure the impact of it on your business, that’s a great start. Will you do that today?

Marketing is something we want to be creating a system around so, rather than it being random, we know what we are supposed to be doing and when. Creating a marketing plan for the next three months and sticking to it will bring changes and new clients and strengthen our skills as marketers.

And I wonder if we don’t resist marketing because we are somewhat shy about blowing our own trumpet, it can seem rather immodest at times. It might help to think of it like this. Who can you help today? If you could reach one person who might benefit from what your business does, who would that be? Write to them. Speak to them. Advertise to them. Keep your message reassuringly small and personal, for now, and just reach out to that one person. That’s not immodest, that’s close to home and do-able. And we can grow it from there.

Where do you notice resistance?   That’s where I suggest you start to look if you really want to take your business to the next level.   And where you start to put in your effort today.

Your Biz Your Way

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