Who I Want to Win the Oscars 2019

This is my list of personal favourites. It wouldn’t be true to say that these are the most deserving winners in anyone’s eyes other than my own but regular readers of this blog (or the podcast) will know that I LOVE film with every fibre of my being and I do put myself through quite the workout in the run-up to the February ceremony every year.

Despite not having a TV or Sky, I find a way to stay up all night whenever possible and this year have added a free 14-day trial to my Now TV app which will cost me £9.99 after that if I want to stick with Sky Cinema which I think unlikely.

This is a completely personal list, biased, partisan and shamelessly so. It is a list of the films and performances I have loved best and sometimes it was very, very hard to choose, as you will see. It takes no account of who I think will win, or who I think should win, just those I’d love to win. And when my own faves win, it makes staying up all night totally worth it and the buzz lasts for several days.

My Best Picture of Those Shortlisted


But honourable mention goes to Bohemian Rhapsody, Green Book and Vice.

My Best Director

Yorgos Lanthimos, because his leading ladies have raved about his creativity. I didn’t like his film, The Favourite, but I am trying not to let that influence me, and I am wanting to at least somewhat fairly share out the gongs here.

My Best Actress

Glenn Close for The Wife. It has taken me decades to forgive her for that terrifying performance in the bunny-boiler movie, Fatal Attraction, but this one was powerful enough to obliterate all memories of that. She is on simmer throughout the film, but once she gets to boiling point in the closing scenes… look out!

I should say I’d be chuffed if the lady from Roma won it, and any win for the luminous Olivia Coleman is always welcome, not least because her acceptance speeches are so chaotic and funny. She is a wonderful woman as well as a fab actress.

My Best Actor

Got to be Rami Malek for bringing Freddie Mercury back to life and with whom I have become totally besotted (Rami, not Freddie), but my underdog would be Viggo Mortensen who is often nominated but doesn’t win nearly often enough. I think he is totally underrated, so much so that I do not expect him to win this year either, sadly.

My Best Supporting Actress

Regina King in If Beale Street Could Talk

My Best Supporting Actor

Mahershala Ali (I LOVE him) for Green Book (and I LOVED that film) although if I had been able to see Can You Ever Forgive me, I might be rooting for REG, Richard E. Grant who is totally adorable and excellent in the trailers but they are not enough to judge by. He seems thoroughly delighted just to have been recognised for his work AT LAST. Good on him.

Screenplays – I’m no expert but I’d be giving Original to Vice and Adapted to If Beale Street Could Talk.

My Best Cinematography


Music – I’d be giving Original Song to Gaga&Bradley for Shallow and Original Score to If Beale Street Could Talk.

My Best Film Not in the English Language


Categories on which I have no opinion

Makeup, costume, documentaries, short films, animated films, sound, production design, visual effects and editing. Talented all, no doubt, but I have no criteria by which to judge as I know nothing about any of them. The best I can say is that obviously I would miss them if they weren’t there, and notice them if they were done badly. It is wonderful though when the back of house peeps are awarded and we get a look at them and at their passion for their work.

  • Who are your faves?
  • Who do you want to win?
  • Who do you think will win?
  • Will you be up all night too?


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