Who is Judith? What is She?

In 1977, I inadvertenly started my own first business at the tender age of 22, as an accountant.   This went on to grow, like Topsy, over the next twenty years into something I could sell for a six figure sum when the joy went out of it for me.   A couple of years before that I started my own travel agency in the same premises, and during those twenty years I had also run a catering business with my mother, Daphne, and invested in a cafe.   I was never really an accountant to be honest with you, and yet there still is a part of me that I love which will always remain one.   You can take the girl out of accountancy…   Truly, I am a serial entrepreneur and spiv.   I love profits, money and the power and the politics of the bottom line; I seek to share my gift with money having learned the hard way.   I really adore self-employed people and mentoring them through the challenges of that path of choice or compulsion.   Many more of us are going to find ourselves catapulted into self-employment in the next decade.   Equally many more are waiting for the right moment to get out of the day job and start something of their own.   You kinda know in your bones that you will eventually work for yourself, generally.   You are probably a square peg.   And lovely with it!

In 1997, I sold my accountancy business and took the best part of five years off, discovering what I wanted to do next.   I knew that I wanted to work virtually and live in the tax-free sunshine, earning my living in sterling (which was strong at that time) and spending it in euros in the Mediterranean and in dollars in the Caribbean.   During the intervening years, I have taken the month of December off each year to experiment with this.   During 2009, I expect to take six weeks off in the summer and four weeks in December.   My trusty tiny netbook will follow me everywhere.   I am what is known as a Location Independent worker, have laptop+broadband, will travel, will relax, will put feet up in the turqoise sea.   And blog my pink heart out from there.

Of late, my coaching has veered into mentoring.   And now I regard myself as an investment agent and teacher.   I teach people about money, how it works and how to make more of it. And I introduce them to investment opportunities I like and represent and invest in myself.   I help clients to get out of bad debt and into good debt and to understand the difference between the two.   Although I love to coach, it is not in my Wealth Profile.   I am a Creator/Star/Mechanic.   I create wealth by inventing businesses and business opportunities which weren’t there before I had a brilliant idea in the shower this morning.   I work them up and sell them on, either an outright sale, or a license opportunity.   I also build sales teams.   In the sales teams and the license opportunities, I coach clients to be successful in those areas new to them.

So I would regard myself as an accountant (and yet not), a wealth coach, a business mentor, a property investor, an investment agent, a debt counsellor, a serial entrepreneur and latterly a teacher.   I never thought I would say that.   It’s really taken me by surprise how much I love to share the wisdom I have accumulated over the years.

I have written one e-book so far, am a profilic blogger and Twitterer, I am just starting out on a public speaking career although I will happily facilitate a workshop around money and lead a Cashflow game.

How may I help you?

Your Biz Your Way

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