A Whole New World

You know how they say on Mock the Week and The News Quiz that they are recording the show before the outcome of the Big News is known? Well, that’s where I am today, writing this on Thursday 8th June, the day of our General Election here in the UK.

I just spent an hour or so having fun on Facebook instead of writing this, as it is a funny limbo place in which to find oneself today, writing to be read tomorrow.

By the time we wake up, it could be a whole new world.

Well, it could be. But more than likely it’ll be the same old world. But if recent elections here and abroad have taught us anything, we mustn’t hedge our bets, count our chickens or rely on the polls.

If you like astrology, you might like to look at this astrologer’s prediction of the GE2017 outcome.

Electional Astrology by Mr Lion

Whoever wins, part of me hopes it will lead to a massive shake-up, one way or the other, because what we have right now feels broken. A change is as good as a rest they say. Oh my, I should be careful what I wish for.

I’ll confess to a couple of things, firstly I am continuing to terrify myself rigid with what I read online and elsewhere about the outcome, whoever wins. I’ve really got to stop doing that, and perhaps today’s the day, tonight’s the night, when I can surrender the awful compulsion to keep voluntarily terrifying myself. I went to sleep last night in quite a low place after a conversation with someone who kept on saying to me “I’m not a racist, but…”

And the first thing I read this morning led me directly to researching how I could acquire economic citizenship of another European country so as to maintain my personal membership of the EU with its easy visa-free travel benefits. Perhaps it won’t come to it. One of my more erudite colleagues tells me she met a man, a foreigner (!), One Who Knows, who has said it won’t, whoever wins. Again, we’ll have to wait and see.

Learning to live with uncertainty goes with the territory of being an entrepreneur.

Surely the thing is this… whatever is going on in that other world, the duality of politics, we are still alright. We are always alright in this moment. I’m alright. You are alright.

The things which cause you to worry and lose sleep may have nothing to do with politics, wherever you live on our blue planet. It might be more about your business, your job, your money or lack thereof, your family, your health or theirs. And yet, you are still alright.

This worry thing we do is very bad for our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and I can’t see that it helps anything at all. How do we stop worrying? During daylight hours we can use logic to see and remind ourselves that everything is fine really. Look around you, a roof over your head, loved ones, your health, something uplifting to look at out of the window, or to read.

You are alright. I am alright, better than that actually. There’s so much to be grateful for, laughter, friendship, stimulating work, sunshine, rain, the man who comes to do the garden, the lady who comes to do the cleaning, and lots and lots of lovely clients.

We can live in a whole new world in any moment of our choosing, just by tuning into that other reality, the one where we are always alright. I do this with my clients a lot. I do it for myself a lot too.

Breathe in and out, deeply, rest in this moment, rest here for as long as it takes you to remember you are alright. It is a remembering, a coming back to that place of safety. Do that as often as you need, perhaps with a little EFT/ tapping to support you while you are learning to bed this in, or meditation. There’ll be something that always makes you feel better. Do it. Yesterday I went for a drive in the sunshine with a friend, a couple of brainiacs having a chat and a laugh, friendship, possibility, opportunity and fun. Didn’t even take very long out of my day to cheer up myself and my pal.

Keep an eye out for good people and good uplifting things going on in the world. There are plenty. This week I was inspired by Dr Malcolm Tunnicliff, Clinical Director and Consultant of Emergency Medicine at King’s College Hospital in London, a hospital where I have delivered a neighbour in distress (he cut his finger when making spag bol under the influence!), and visited sick friends all my adult life. I know it well. Dr T and his staff tell people who come in after attacks such as last weekend’s in London Bridge “You’re safe. We’re going to look after you. You’re going to be fine.” 

We could tell ourselves that.

You are safe, Judith. I am going to look after you. You are going to be fine.

And so it is.

Dr T is the man who heads up the team I want looking after me, though the odds against that happening are infinitesimal, thank goodness. But I am glad he’s looking after those that need it. And I am so grateful that his colleagues across the UK are (get this) not drinking in their off-duty hours so as to be fit to be called in should any emergency arise. And for the other London doc who heard the story of the London attack as he was cycling home from work, and simply turned his bike around and went back to work, knowing he was likely to be needed.

These people are angels on earth.

We are all angels on earth. One of my favourite expressions is “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

OK, I may not be in his league, Dr T’s that is. My work is not a matter of life or death, but it does allow me to help others to breathe more easily every week, almost every day. It’s Thursday morning and already this week I have received these messages:

Monday’s call: “Thank you for your skill and kindness.”

Tuesday’s PM on Facebook: “Please don’t underestimate the power of a single session. It has set off a chain of events for me that I know is pointing me in the right direction. And the value you bring through your podcast and your writing…do know that your input and presence is appreciated.”

Wednesday’s email exchange: “Chatting to you has calmed me down, so thank you.”

I am so happy to be able to help people with my work. Your thanks, your calming down, your feedback which lets me know that, even in response to this newsletter, is heart-warming and takes my mind off that other reality and raises my vibe which I consider to be key to this whole reality thing, and to manifesting what we so much desire.

Even while I have been writing this newsletter for you, another one came in “I think of you often.” Which reminds me I received another like that yesterday too, just as I was thinking of the very woman who wrote to me. I couldn’t believe it when she dropped into my inbox.

When it comes to realities, we create our own. I wonder what you are creating? I am on the edge of my seat, I cannot wait to find out and I’d love to help.

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