Who’s in the SBBM Group?

woman-1594711_640Do you ever worry and wonder who’s in a business coaching group before you join, but you’ve been too polite to ask?

And what if you don’t have an orthodox business and don’t really want one? What if you are unique?

What if you just want some friendly encouraging virtual pals to ease the loneliness of the long distance entrepreneur or creative?

Wonder no more…

Here’s the current line-up in SBBM, and some vital statistics.

We have 22 members right now and all but one of them are women. And that man is one very lucky chap! We have often enjoyed the company of more men, three more, four in total at any one time, to be precise. We love all-comers. We are not genderist, or any ist for that matter.

14 of the members live in England, two in Spain, one in America, one in Austria, one in Wales, one in New Zealand, one in France and one in Scotland. ┬áIt’s lovely having friends scattered across the globe and the ten monthly 90-minute drop-in calls are scheduled to suit all time zones to the best of my ability.

Four of the members have fledgling businesses, which means they have to do part-time consultancy-type work on the side to contribute to household income while they are building up their self-employed income.

What do they all do in their businesses?

  1. Coach
  2. Retreat Facilitator
  3. Website design and support
  4. Astrology
  5. Artist (2 of those)
  6. Illustrator
  7. Adventurer
  8. Bed & Breakfast owner
  9. Urban Alchemist
  10. Depression Recovery expert
  11. Chiropractor
  12. Writer
  13. SEO Expert
  14. Publisher
  15. Yoga Teacher (and so much more than that)
  16. Video-maker
  17. Podcast genie
  18. Digital content creator and photographer
  19. Hypnotherapist
  20. Marketer
  21. Corporate Trainer

Come on! Wow, right?

The issues we are dealing with right now include, but are not limited to:

  • negotiations with new clients about fees
  • trusting our instincts
  • juggling the need to earn a living with creating the dream
  • maintaining optimum health and wellbeing
  • busyness
  • the money in the stockroom
  • procrastination
  • self-care
  • exhaustion
  • moving premises, expanding a physical business
  • the frustrations of delays outside our control
  • getting a website up and running for the first time
  • family overwhelm and challenges various including elder care and bereavement
  • being away from the business for a whole month
  • charging the right price
  • confidence-building
  • focus and getting stuff done

Reasons to celebrate this month include but are not limited to:

  • manifesting a paying client overnight just hours after we’d discussed pricing
  • getting to grips with money
  • creating passive income
  • being published
  • solo art shows and exhibitions
  • top notch reviews and testimonials for client work done
  • a sudden abundance of big fees for consultancy work refilling the freedom fund
  • highest monthly turnover ever
  • learning to enjoy the art of negotiation
  • choosing what we would like to work on rather than just taking what’s offered
  • emerging into the world and being visible
  • taking on help so we can do more of what we are good at and expand the biz
  • receiving the sort of fees our talents truly command
  • increasing output
  • streamlining
  • busting through and exceeding targets
  • showing up when times are tough which cycle through all of us at one time or another

I couldn’t be more proud or honoured to work with this wonderful group of Little Squidgers who are kind and generous to each other and modest about their own achievements but happy to have a safe space to celebrate them anyway.

If you think you could would enjoy a supportive home in a group like that, where many clients are in their third year of membership, then let’s have a chat.


Not a groupie? More of a Star? Bigger budget to invest in yourself/your business? Talk to me about other ways of us working together so that you can do, be and have what you want.

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