Why Are You Here?

  • GlobeWhy are you here?
  • Do you wish you knew for certain?
  • Would you like to go (self) exploring?

Earlier this month I received a deliciously assertive and confident email from a client which said “I’m on this planet to…” I won’t tell you what she said because that’s her business, but the point is this: she knows. She knows what she’s here for. And if I told you, you’d say it was deceptively simple and whilst it may sound that way, it’s profound and empowering to have certainty around why you are here.

Many of my clients profess or pretend they don’t know. There’s lots of reasons for this. The authentic you may be deeply buried. It may be easier to leave it down there in the darkness because you suspect that if you tell me I might make you live your best life and that might involve pain and effort and you might be risking disappointment and failure.

Perhaps you were never encouraged, like me. Perhaps you were told simply to get a safe job. I always tell my clients that when I left school in 1972 my father offered me the choice of teacher, nurse or secretary. But when the girls in my brother’s class, who left school three years after me in 1975, were being given the choice, they were able to take up acting, theatre design and flying helicopters! What changed in those three years?

Boy, did I resent their choices. Until I worked out I had the power to make my own.

Perhaps you think you don’t know because you daren’t let yourself ask, you daren’t let yourself go exploring. Perhaps your diamond is so deeply encrusted with’real world’ s*** you’ve forgotten you are a unique and exquisite jewel underneath.

The meaning of life is to liveToday with my business clients I’ve discussed all sorts of topics which nudge around this subject, our gifts, our talents, our loves, our creativity, our health, our hopes and dreams. And I found this lovely image on Facebook this week reminding me that the reason for living is simply to live, and I’m not talking about one’s life purpose here, that’s quite another discussion for another day.

So meanwhile, and since its Saturday, simply enjoy this thought for now. Think on’t and let me know what comes up. What would it mean for you to be truly ALIVE? Would you need to know why you are on this planet for that, or are you content to just be?


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