Why Don’t We Do What We Know To Do?

Gentle Reader, bear with me. I’m just thinking aloud on this one. I don’t know the answer and I’m hoping you do?   I’m sure we all do at some level and perhaps not too deeply buried at that.

Last night I was pondering my day, going over in my mind the emails I had received from people wanting advice and support. And I noticed a bit of a theme linking them all.   It seemed to me that many of my correspondents already knew what to do, and in some instances it was even an easy thing to do. They just aren’t doing what they know to do. It’s almost as if they prefer to sit with the pain/discomfort/misery which nudged them to write to me in the first place?

And then I realised that, to some extent, I do it too.

For instance, one of my correspondents wrote that she couldn’t do X while she felt Y.   I sent back one word. “Tapping.”  I’ve taught her how to do it. She knows how to do it. And I know how to do it too. But neither of us are doing it right now. Why’s that? I wonder if we don’t want the solution to be that easy?   How contrary are human beings?

I know how to do Tapping (EFT).   I even love it. And yet I don’t do it very much or very often any more, despite it being very effective indeed. I’ve proven this to myself over and over.   I also know how to do Ho’oponopono and that works too and it’s easy, free and effective and available to me in every moment of every day. Similarly, my Wildly Wealthy Fast affirmations; whenever I do them, they work. And then I stop doing them. WHAT ARE WE LIKE?

I’m doing quite a lot of spiritual work right now. Daily journalling. Daily blogging. A 40-day Abundance Programme. A night-time ritual with my HeartMath machine where I check my biorhythms against various thoughts and feelings and propositions to make sure I am congruent with outcomes I want. And writing in a daily one-sentence Happiness Journal and often even my daily Gratitude book. And they all work in that they put me in the space of my choosing, that of allowing.

But these are new fixes whereas perhaps tapping, Ho’oponopono and affirmations are my old(er) woo woo. But in each example I already have the easy, simple, cheap, quick and effective answer at my fingertips, often literally.   If not at my fingertips, then certainly on the tip of my tongue, using my favourite medium – words.

So, this blog post ends with the same question. Why is it that you think we don’t do what we already know how to do? Instead we prefer to go on looking for answers elsewhere and searching, searching, searching. The next book, the next workshop, the next fix. Human Beings are endlessly fascinating and self-sabotaging is all I can think.

I wish I had the answer. And perhaps I do. Maybe I shall start to email back to people and instead of prescribing “Tapping”, I shall simply say “Do what you know to do”. That’s closer to the truth, to be honest with you, as well.

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  1. Anne says:

    Hm, yes I feel that too. We want guidance and then when we get it we ignore it….(been there, done that). I think part of me thinks that it should be more dramatic and then it’s sort of into the whole day to day thing..if that makes sense