Why Group Work is Enjoyable and Profitable For All

Group WorkI’m a person who loves to work at home, alone. I like going out, it’s always refreshing when I do but I prefer it at home, working, alone with my creative thoughts.

But this thing I know. Human Beings are generally very sociable animals indeed and I am a rare bird. What most people like is playing nicely with others.   Bucketloads of us are working at home these days and most of us don’t like it like that. So what can we do about it?

As business owners working in the soft skills area, we can offer groups to our clients. Virtual groups or face-to-face. People love either, slightly preferring the latter if it gives them an opportunity to get out of the house and flex those social skills again.   Group work is profitable for us and affordable for the clients. Do you offer this right now? If not, could you?

As entrepreneurs, we can join those groups which offer us masterminding, peer support and accountability, shared interests and new pals.   Are you in one? Why not? What do you need and I can I help you find the right group? Let me know, OK?

Lets look at the precedents for this.   The NCT (National Childbirth Trust) is my favourite example. When you are going through something scary for the first time in your life, like having a baby, you want to be with others who are going through it too.   Weightwatchers offers the same model, so does the WI.    Breakfast networking, Toastmasters, knitting groups are all the rage now, book clubs. Gather together in groups and we are often stronger than the sum of our parts.

Are you a member of a group? What is it and how do you draw benefit from it?

Do you offer a group to your client base? What is it? Do you run it for profit? Would people pay you for it, if not? Could this be a new string to your bow?

People love to hang out. Let’s make it easy for them and enjoyable for ourselves.   And while you are about it, do you make it easy for people like me who prefer not to travel to join in? Have you tried a webinar offering for example? Have you created audio so I can Listen Again at my convenience?

If you want to brainstorm how these ideas might work in your business, do Ask Judith or let’s set up a Skype call.

What’s the best way you’ve found to get the support you need?

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Why Group Work is Enjoyable and Profitable For All

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  1. Allison says:

    I LOVE group work, Judith. The thing that gave me the final push to get out of my day job was being part of an ‘extreme listening’ peer group and it’s now one of my cornerstone offerings for business owners and leaders. By phone is fun too – all that listening on the line!

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